More Songs of the Birds of Wayrath

Test of the Twins


Legends Volume III

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

This song is by Michael Williams.

Song of the larks

The light in the eastern skies

Is still and always morning,

It alters the renewing air

Into belief and yearning.

And larks rise up like angels,

Like angels larks ascend

From sunlit grass as bright as gems

Into the cradling wind.

Song of the ravens

The plain light in the east

Contrives out of the dark

The machinery of day,

The diminished song of the lark.

But ravens ride the night

And the darkness west,

The wingbeat of their hearts

Large in a buried nest.

Song of the owl

Through night the seasons ride into the dark,

The years surrender in the changing lights,

The breath turns vacant on the dusk or dawn

Between the abstract days and nights.

For there is always corpselight in the fields

And corposants above the slaughterhouse,

And at deep noon the shadowy vallenwoods

Are bright at the topmost boughs.

Last modified on October 24, 2009