Character Quotes

I have included every quote I have even remotely concerning a character in order to give you a full understanding of that character-who they are, how they act, what they think of others, and what others think of them. I hope you will find this helpful, or at least amusing.

Here are the quotes by what character said them.

Blister’s quotes

Caramon’s quotes

Crysania’s quotes

Dalamar’s quotes

Delbin’s quotes

Dhamon’s quotes

Flint’s quotes

Gilthanis’s quotes

Goldmoon’s quotes

Huma’s quotes

Kaz’s quotes

Kitiara’s quotes

Laurana’s quotes

Magius’s quotes

Paladine’s quotes

Palin’s quotes

Raistlin’s quotes

Raph’s quotes

Reorx’s quotes

Riverwind’s quotes

Silvara’s quotes

Steel’s quotes

Sturm’s quotes

Takhisis’s quotes

Tanis’s quotes

Tas’s quotes

Tika’s quotes

Uncle Trapspringer’s quotes

Usha’s quotes

Vinas’ quotes

The List of Quotes by Book

Last modified on October 24, 2009