The Many Authors of Dragonlance

You are undoubtedly curious about who came up with these millions of books, so here they are: the authors.

Note: I have only worked on those authors that have links, the others are only listed here for reference.

Margaret Weis

Tracy Raye Hickman

Everyone else is in alphabetical order:

Mark Anthony

Linda P. Baker

Harold Bakst

Nancy Varian Berberick

Tonya R. Carter

William W. Connors

Sue Weinlein Cook

Tonya Cook

Jeff Crook

Tina Daniell

Dezra Despain

Todd Fahnestock

Roland Green

Jeff Grubb

Dan Harnden

Mary H. Herbert

Laura Hickman

J. Robert King

Mary Kirchoff

Richard A. Knaak

Adam Lesh

Robyn McGrew

Teri McLaren

Dixie Lee McKeone

Roger E. Moore

Douglas Niles

Kate Novak

Nick O’Donahoe

Janet Pack

Dan Parkinson

Chris Pierson

Danny Peary

Don Perrin

Ellen Porath

Jean Rabe

Kevin Randle

Mickey Zucker Reichert

John Maddox Roberts

Barbara Siegel

Scott Siegel

Morris Simon

Warren B. Smith

Kevin T. Stein

Paul B. Tompson

Michael Williams

Teri Williams

Steve Winter

Last modified on October 24, 2009