Luna’s Dragonlance Review

Luna's Dragonlance Review
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Astinus, here is the website you requested. I continue to add to it. -Luna

Dragonlance has amassed a cult following of die-hard AD&Ders and fantasy book lovers alike. The Chronicles trilogy begins a series that is the history, every single moment of it, of a planet that constantly needs saving, and of course, those heroes called upon at least fifty times to save it. What keeps us reading, enthralled, helpless to stop, even as we wonder how Takhisis could attack the world that many times in a row, or how she seems to be attacking several places at the same time? What fuels this obsession? Astinus once gave me a mission: I must tell everyone on the internet everything about Dragonlance. I agreed before I realized how monumental this task would be, and yet I stayed, chained to my computer, helpless and unable to stop. I’m still here. Please send food.

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Disclaimer: This page is not made by or with the permission of TSR or Wizards of the Coast, the creators and owners of Dragonlance. The quotes used are from the Dragonlance series. All works of art on this page are done by various artists commissioned by Dragonlance. All pictures have been scanned by me, if you want to use them then please ask my permission first, and link back to my page when you use them. For more information on the books and quotes used, check out my Works Cited Page and list of books I’ve read.

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So, once upon a time, I was in high school. I was addicted to two things above others- reading Dragonlance and making webpages. Specifically, I sat around on Geocities and made a webpage for everything I could think of. This is the result (the only one left- seriously we don’t need that many random webpages). Okay, originally the result was in pink and purple and didn’t have much content, but a decade later, I’ve put in a lot of content and a much more thorough approach (I revamped the style several times over the years). I have a strange sense of humor and my own perspective on things, which is what you’ll get here.

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