A dictionary of Dragonlance terms!

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Abyss, The -A place. Refer to The Abyss.

Afflicted -Usually in reference to kender. Afflicted kender have become human in action because of great trauma (generally from seeing the great dragon Malys attack their homeland).

Age of Despair -The forth of the five ages. Refer to the timeline.

Age of Dreams -The second of the five ages. Refer to the timeline.

Age of Might -The third of the five ages. Refer to the timeline.

Age of Mortals -The last of the five ages. Refer to the timeline.

Age of Starburst -The first of the five ages. Refer to the timeline.

Alhana Starbreeze -A character. Refer to Alhana Starbreeze.

Ansolen -The continent Dragonlance is set on.

Aurak -A species of draconian. Refer to draconian race.

Baaz -A species of draconian. Refer to draconian race.

bakali -A race. Refer to bakali race.

Balifor -A place. Refer to City of Balifor.

black robes -Mages who use evil magic and follow Nuitinari.

Blister Nimblefingers -A character. Refer to Blister Nimblefingers.

Blood Sea of Istar, The -A place. Refer to The Blood Sea of Istar.

Body Compass -The kender belief that the body can act as a compass. According to Dragons of a Lost Star, “The theory behind the body compass is as follows. It is well-known that the body is made up of various elements, among these being iron. The reason that we know the body has iron in it is that we can taste the iron in our blood. Therefore, it stands to reason that the iron in our blood will be drawn to the north, just as the iron needle on the compass is drawn to the north. (Kender go so far as to state that we would, all of us, be congregated in the north end of the world if we let our blood have its way. We fight a constant battle with our blood, otherwise we would all collect at the tip of the world, thereby causing it to tip over.)

In order to make the body compass work, you must shut your eyes, so as not to confuse things, extend the right arm with the index finger pointing, then spin around three times to the left. When you stop, open your eyes, and you will discover you are facing north.

Kender who use this technique almost never arrive at where they’re going, but they will tell you that they always arrive at where they need to be.” (320)

Bupu -A character. Refer to Bupu.

Cataclysm, The -The gods were supposed to have left during the Cataclysm, but they only appeared to leave. The people stopped believing in the gods and did not again until the War of the Lance. During the Cataclysm the face of Krynn was geographically changed, mountains sunk, oceans dried up, etc.

centaur -A race. Refer to centaur race.

Chaos War, The -An event. Refer to the Chaos War.

chilkit -A race. Refer to chilkit race.

Companions, The -The companions are the group of adventurers who fight in the War of the Lance in Chronicles. They include Tanis Half-elven (leader, warrior), Sturm Brightblade (warrior), Goldmoon (cleric), Riverwind (warrior), Raistlin Majere (mage), Caramon Majere (warrior), Tasslehoff Burrfoot (thief), and Flint Fireforge (warrior). Kitiara Uth Mater was part of the companions as a child. Laurana and Tika joined them later.

Crysania -A character. Refer to Crysania.

Dalamar -A character. Refer to Dalamer.

Dargaard Keep -A place. Refer to Dargaard Keep.

Dargonesti -An elf race. Refer to Dargonesti elf race.

Darkenwood -A place. Refer to Darkenwood.

Delbin -A character. Refer to Delbin.

Dhamon Grimwulf -A character. Refer to Dhamon.

draconians -A race. Refer to draconian race.

dragon -A race. Refer to dragon race. Also called wyrm.

dragonfear -The paralyzing fear people feel when they first sight a dragon. It renders them temporarily unable to do anything.

dragonlance -A silver lance used by the Knights of Solamnia capable of killing dragons.

Dragonlance -The name of the series that this webmistress slaves over.

Dragon War -An event. Refer to The Great Dragon War.

dwarf -A race. Refer to dwarf race.

elf -A race. Refer to elf race.

elven sight -The ability elves have to see the outline of animals, people, etc. in the dark.

Fizban -Another name for Palidine.

Flint Fireforge -A character. Refer to Flint Fireforge.

Gilean -A character. Refer to Gilean.

Gilthanis -A character. Refer to Gilthanis.

gnome -A race. Refer to gnome race.

gnomefire -An item. Refer to gnomefire.

goblin -A race. Refer to goblin race.

Goldmoon -A character. Refer to Goldmoon.

griffon -A race. Refer to griffon race.

gully dwarf -A race. Refer to gully dwarf race.

Haven -A place. Refer to City of Haven.

Highbulp -A gully dwarf king.

High Clerist’s Tower -A place. Refer to High Clerist’s Tower

hill dwarf -A type of dwarf. Refer to hill dwarf race.

hobgoblin -A race. Refer to hobgoblin race.

hoopak -A kender weapon; a tall staff with a leather sling at the top and a copper point at the bottom. When twirled in the air it produces a high pitched, hollow, whirring sound. Some hoopaks were also musical instruments. It is a kender’s symbol.

Huma -A character. Refer to Huma.

human -A ra- come on! You know what this is! I hope…

Hylo -A place. Refer to City of Hylo.

Icewall -A place. Refer to Icewall.

Inn of the Last Home, The -A place. Refer to The Inn of the Last Home.

Irda -A race. Refer to Irda race.

Istar -A place. Refer to City of Istar.

Justarius -A character. Refer to Justarius.

Kagonesti -An elf race. Refer to Kagonesti elf race.

Kapak -A species of draconian. Refer to draconian race.

Kaz -A character. Refer to Kaz.

kender -A race. Refer to kender race.

Kendermore -A place. Refer to City of Kendermore.

Khallandros -Another name for Skie.

Kingpriest -The ruler of Istar and head priest of Paladine. Often used to refer to the last Kingpriest who brought about the Cataclysm by demanding Paladine rid the world of evil. Refer to Kingpriest.

Kitiara Uth-Mater -A character. Refer to Kitiara Uth-Mater.

Knights of Solamnia -A group of knights obsessed with honor who fight for good and to protect their people.

knucklebones -A game played by tossing foot bones of sheep in the air and catching them (there’s a certain way to catch them, which is probably how the game is scored), or by tossing coins at a wall. Generally played by soldiers.

kraken -A race (sort of, there’s only one). Refer to kraken.

Krynn -The world Dragonlance is set in.

Kyrie -A race. Refer to Kyrie race

Laurana -A character. Refer to Laurana.

Life Quest -Every gnome has a Life Quest, something, assigned at birth, she or he must do or study during her or his lifetime. The completion of the Life Quest is what gets a gnome into the afterlife.

mage -A magic user. Also called a wizard. Mages cast spells using words, which they must commit to memory daily because they forget them when the spell is cast. Casting spells requires physical and mental energy , so mages must rest after casting a certain number. Mages are aligned with good, neutrality, or evil and wear robes to match this alignment (white, red, or black). There are three gods of magic and three moons, also associated with the three alignments.

Magius -A character. Refer to Magius.

Malyx -A character. Refer to Malyx.

minotaur -A race. Refer to minotaur race.

Mishakal -A character. Refer to Mishakal.

mountain dwarf -A type of dwarf. Refer to mountain dwarf race.

Mount Nevermind -A place. Refer to Mount Nevermind.

neonate -A mage in training who has not yet taken the Test.

ogre -A race. Refer to ogre race.

Orders, The -This generally refers to the three groups of magic users, red robes, white robes, and black robes.

Palanthas -A place. Refer to City of Palanthas.

Paladine -A character. Refer to Paladine. Also called Fizban.

Palin Majere -A character. Refer to Palin Majere.

plains, the -A place. Refer to the plains.

Qualinesti -A race. Refer to Qualinesti elf race.

Qualinost -A place. Refer to City of Qualinost.

Que-Shu -The barbarian tribe that Goldmoon is princess of.

Raistlin Majere -A character. Refer to Raistlin.

Raph Tanglemop -A character. Refer to Raph Tanglemop.

red robes -Mages who use nuetral magic and follow Lunitinary.

Reorx -A character. Refer to Reorx.

Riverwind -A character. Refer to Riverwind.

Sanction -A place. Refer to City of Sanction.

Seeker -A fake power hungry religious sect that grew in power in the years prior to the War of the Lance.

Silvanesti -A race. Refer to Silvanesti elf race.

Silvanost -A place. Refer to City of Silvanost.

Silvara -A character. Refer to Silvara.

Sivak -A species of draconian. Refer to draconian race.

Skie -A character. Refer to Skie. His dragon name is Khallandros.

Skullcap Mountain -A place. Refer to Skullcap Mountain.

Solace -A place. Refer to Town of Solace.

Solamnia -A place. Refer to Lands of Solamnia.

Steel Brightblade -A character. Refer to Steel Brightblade.

Sturm Brightblade -A character. Refer to Sturm Brightblade.

Takhisis -A character. Refer to Takhisis.

Tanis Half-Elven -A character. Refer to Tanis Half-Elven.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot -A character. Refer to Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Also called Tas.

Test, The -In order to reach the higher levels of magery a neonate must take the Test. Failure results in death.

Thorbaden -A place. Refer to City of Thorbaden.

Tika Waylan Majere -A character. Refer to Tika Waylan Majere.

topknot -A hairstyle worn by all kender. A topknot is a long pony tail worn at the top of the head.

Tower of High Sorcery -A place. Refer to Tower of High Sorcery.

Uncle Trapspringer -A character. Refer to Uncle Trapspringer.

unicorn -A race. Refer to unicorn race.

Urione -A place. Refere to Urione.

Usha -A character. Refer to Usha.

Vinas Solamnus -A character. Refer to Vinas Solamnus.

wanderlust -The name for the urge a kender gets at the end of childhood to roam the face of Krynn.

War of the Lance -An event. Refer to the War of the Lance.

Watermere -A place. Refer to Watermere.

Wayrath Forest -A place. Refer to Wayrath Forest.

white robes -Mages who use good magic and follow Solinary.

wizard -A magic user. Usually called a mage.

wyrm -Another name for a dragon.

Xak Tsoroth -A place. Refer to City of Xak Tsoroth.

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