The Songs of Dragonlance

Singing has always been a popular form of entertainment, and Dragonlance is brimming with Song!

The Kender Marching Song

The Kender Mourning Song

Tas’s Kender Trail Song

The song of Huma

Solamnic Death Chant

The Dwarven Marching song

The Thorbaden Aghar Song

The Canticle of the Dragon

Goldmoon’s song

The song the Qualinesti sing before leaving Qualinost

Song of the Nine Heroes

Hymn to Mt. Nevermind

Song of the Ice Reaver

Gnomish thought song

Mina’s Song

Mina’s Battle Song

Love Song of the Dead

Songs of the birds of Wayrath

More Songs of the birds of Wayrath

Caramon’s drinking song

Hymn to the Dawn

Song of Lorac

Last modified on October 24, 2009