The real story behind Luna

A bit about me…

Well, since I deleted my about me page (a long story I am tempted to type, thereby forcing myself to retitle the page “More about me than you actually wanted to know”), I thought I’d just give you a quick intro.

My name is actually Megan, and this is a page that I started in high school after being inspired to write down a million quotes from Soulforge by Margaret Weis. If you’ve been wondering, that’s my favorite Dragonlance book. I did most of my Dragonlance reading and writing in high school, although I added some of my favorite parts of the page while in college. I should probably rewrite half the page on top of finishing everything I haven’t yet started, because I have changed since high school, but I’m just too busy. That’s the main theme with me- busy. I have so many interests, but so little time to pursue them in the depth I’d like because, well, there are too many. Here’s a breakdown of where my time goes:


Though not the biggest time burner in my life, music is so essential I had to mention it first. My favorite band is They Might Be Giants, but right now I’m totally obsessed with Indie music. A few Indie favorites: The Decemberists, Neutral Milk Hotel (which got me into Indie), Of Montreal, The Unicorns, Okkervil River, The Arcade Fire, and Sufjan Stevens. I’m open to more suggestions.


Darien Public Schools took care of my K-12 needs.

Skidmore College Pass program was my first college experience- I took Intro to Poetry and Intro to Psychology the summer before senior year of high school.

Mount Holyoke College is my Alma Mater (Yeah ’04!). It is the best school in the world, though there’s a ton of work. I double majored in psychology and medieval studies.

University College Cork is where I studied abroad. I had a pretty negative experience largely because of the way different factors came together, especially not being at Mount Holyoke for a semester.

Norwalk Community College is where I took my US history class that is a prerequisite to being a teacher. Despite being too easy, I loved the class I took and the professor rocks my tomorrow socks.

Sacred Heart University is where I got my Masters and Certification in Education. It’s…um…local… That’s really the main draw. I’ve had some excellent teachers there, however.


Puzzle Test Solver is as cool as it sounds. I get paid to do puzzles, just hardly any money.

Substitute Teaching is a lot of fun, difficult sometimes, and always a good learning experience. It doesn’t pay well, but I would like to be a teacher, and the experience has taught me a lot. Most people hate their jobs- I spend my whole day with kids and love it!

Reading- I read primarily fantasy with a focus on fairy tales. Dragonlance hasn’t been top of the list since high school really, but you can be majorly impressed by me if you go to


My house would be spotless if I didn’t have a husband and three furry cats.


I love doing crafts. I can do weaving (rigid heddle, card, cardboard, inkle), tatting, sewing, mending, knitting, knifty knitting, croceting, bobbin lace, spinning, counted cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, needle lace, and blackwork. I’m in the middle of about as many projects as crafts.


My cats are Tabitha Twitchett and Pitty (an endearment of “Bottomless Pit”). My husband and I also got a third cat, Cassandra, who believes that it is her job to harass the other two.


Did I mention that I love many, many other things? I spend a lot of time reading (lately that’s been largely modern versions of fairy tales), but of course I also work on this page (not quite so frequently), am in the Society for Creative Anacronisms, collect, hike, build LEGOs, and write. I’m in quite a few internet venues- you might have noticed my You Tube and LibraryThing accounts, but you won’t notice my Live Journal- I no longer believe in public blogging. Too many people are too easily offended by opinions that differ from their own. My daily life is no longer open to the public eye. For that reason, I’ve since deleted my websites other than this one. It’s disturbing when you can’t feel safe spreading your strangeness in the world.

Last modified on June 17, 2010