Dragons of a Lost Star


War of Souls Volume Two

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

This song is by the authors.

In bygone times and warmer climes

You Marionettes played.

Now restless, silent in a box,

Your scattered limbs are splayed.

Come feel the tug of dancing strings.

Your dust responds on shivering wings.

The Master Puppeteer now sings!

Rise up from where you’re laid.

The Master calls you from the dark.

Your bones respond in haste.

Come act the part of living souls.

Their glory once more taste.

Connect again with warmer days,

And hearken to your former ways.

Out of the darkness you will raise

Up from your place of waste!

Now dance, you spirits gone before

The surging blood of old.

You sundered souls from times of yore

Play at a life once bold!

The Master heaves on strings of woe.

Torn from the dark your bones must go

To act once more that all may know

The Master’s tale is told!

Last modified on October 24, 2009