Song of the Ice Reaver

Song of the Ice Reaver

Dragons of Winter Night


Chronicles Volume Two

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Poem by Michael Williams.

I am the one who brought them back.

I am Raggart I am telling you this.

Snow upon snow cancels signals of ice

Over the snow the sun bleeds whiteness

In cold light forever unbearable.

And if I do not tell you this

The snow descends on the deeds of heroes

And their strength in my singing

Lies down in a core of frost rising no more

No more as the lost breath crumbles.

Seven they were from the hot lands

(I am the one who brought them back)

Four swordsmen sworn in the North

The elf-woman Laurana

The dwarf from the floes of stone

The kender small-boned as a hawk.

Riding three blades they came to the tunnel

To the throat of the only castle.

Down among Thanoi the old guardians

Where their swordsmen carved hot air

Finding tendon finding bone

As the tunnels melted red.

Down upon minotaur upon ice bear

And the swords whistled again

Bright on the corner of madness

The tunnel knee-high in arms

In claws in unspeakable things

As the swordsmen descended

Bright steam freezing behind them.

Then to the chambers at the castle heart

Where Feal-thas awaited lord of dragons and wolves

Armored in white that is nothing

That covers the ice as the sun bleeds whiteness.

And he called on the wolves the baby stealers

Who suckled on murder in the lairs of ancestors.

Around the heroes a circle of knives of craving

As the wolves stalked in their master’s eye.

And Aran the first to break the circle

Hot wind at the throat of Feal-thas

Brought down and unraveled

In the reel of the hunt perfected.

Brian the next when the sword of the wolf lord

Sent him seeking the warm lands.

All stood frozen in the wheel of razors

All stood frozen except for Laurana.

Blind in a hot light flashing the crown of the mind

Where death melts in a diving sun

She takes up the Ice Reaver

And over the boil of wolves over the slaughter

Bearing a blade of ice bearing darkness

She opened the throat of the wolf lord

And the wolves fell silent as the head collapsed.

The rest is short in telling.

Destroying the eggs the violent get of the dragons

A tunnel of scales and ordure

Followed into the terrible larder

Followed further followed to treasure.

There the orb danced blue danced white

Swelled like a heart in its endless beating

(They let me hold it I brought them back).

Out from the tunnel blood on blood under the ice

Bearing their own incredible burden

The young knights silent and tattered

They came five now only

The kender last small pockets bulging.

I am Raggart I am telling you this.

I am the one who brought them back.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009