The Song of Huma

The Song of Huma

The Cataclysm


Tales Volume Five

Tracy Hickman

(In Solamnic)

Sularus Humah durvey

Karamnes Humah durvey


Solamnis na fai tarus


Est paxum kudak draco


oparu sac


coni parl ai fam

Saat mas Solamnis

vegri nough

Coni est Lor Tarikan

Sularus Humah

Karrum Humah

Solamnis Humah durvey

Karamnes Humah durvey


Humah dix karai!

Ex dix!

Oparu est dix!

Solamnis Lor Alan Palidine!

Humah mithas est mithasah!

Draco-Humah durvey!


The Honor of Huma survives

The Glory of Huma survives

Dragons, hear!

Solamnic breath is taken

Life; hear!

My sword is broken of dragons


temper me now


Grant me grace and love

When the heart of the Knighthood

wavers in doubt

Grant me this, Warrior Lord

Honor is Huma

Glory is Huma

Solamnic Knight Huma survives

Glorified Huma survives

Life; hear!

Huma’s death calls me!

His death!

Temper me with such death!

Paladine, lord god of knights!

Huma’s life is all our lives!

Dragon-Huma survives!

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Last modified on October 18, 2009