Goldmoon’s Song

Goldmoon’s Song

Dragons of Autumn Twilight


Chronicles Volume One

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Poem written by Michael Williams

The grasslands are endless,

And summer sings on,

And Goldmoon the princess

Loves a poor man’s son.

Her father the chieftain

Makes long roads between them:

The grasslands are endless, and summer sings on.

The grasslands are waving,

The sky’s rim is gray,

The chieftain sends Riverwind

East and away,

To search for strong magic

At the lip of the morning,

The grasslands are waving, the sky’s rim is gray.

O Riverwind, where have you gone?

O Riverwind, autumn comes on.

I sit by the river

And look to the sunrise,

But the sun rises over the mountains alone.

The grasslands are fading,

The summer wind dies,

He comes back, the darkness

Of stones in his eyes.

He carries a blue staff

As bright as a glacier:

The grasslands are fading, the summer wind dies.

The grasslands are fragile,

As yellow as flame,

The chieftain makes mockery

Of Riverwind’sHe orders the people

To stone the young warrior:

The grasslands are fragile, as yellow as flame.

The grassland has faded,

And autumn is here.

The girl joins her lover,

The stones whistle near,

The staff flares in blue light

And both of them vanish:

The grasslands are faded, and autumn is here.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009