The coolest race! [Yes, rereading this it seems that apparently my bias from kindergarten is still with me.]

Names: Unicorn

Denomination: Good

Description: A horse with a spiraling horn on its forehead. Here is the description of the Forestmaster from Dragons of Autumn Twilight: “Her fur was the silver of moonlight, her horn was shining pearl, her mane like seafoam. The head might have been sculpted from glistening marble, but no human or even dwarven hand could have captured the elegance and grace that lived in the fine lines of the powerful neck and muscular chest. The legs were strong but delicate, the hooves small and cloven like those of a goat. (121)

Personality: They’re very noble and magical.

History: None known, there is only one known unicorn is the Forestmaster of Darken Wood. The Companions meet up with it in Chronicles, but that is the only time it is sighted.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009