The Qualinesti

The Qualinesti

Names: Qualinesti

Denomination: Good

Description: They look like the typical elf -really tall and pointy eared. They tend to be slightly shorter than their Silvanesti cousins, with six feet being very tall for them, and they tend to be more likely to have brown hair than blond.

Personality: They distrust all non-Qualinesti and think they’re the best

Qualinesti Quotes

History: After the Kinslayer Wars, Kith-Kanon led those elves who believed in communicating with humans away from Silvanesti. The Emperor of Ergoth gave them beautiful woods in Abasania, which became Qualinesti, and where Qualinost was built. The elves were friends with the nearby dwarves, and built Pax Tharkas with their help. The dwarves even helped build Qualinost. After the Cataclysm, however, the elves forbid anyone not of elven blood to enter their land, until the Companions do. When they do, they find out that the Qualinesti themselves are leaving, searching for refuge elsewhere as their own lands are attacked.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009