The Kender

The Kender

The best of the best! Ok, I admit to being partial to kender, and what of it?

Names: Kender

Denomination: Neutral/Good

Description: Short humanoid, small boned, around three feet tall (rarely taller than four feet), pointed ears, long hair they wear in a topknot (a pony tail on top of their head), child-like face, they’re described as getting extremely wrinkly faces and having wrinkles even when they’re young in some books (but not in every book and not Chronicles), and every kender ties her/his hair in a high pony tail on the top of her/his head that is very long

Personality: Kenders are innately curious, easily bored, natural lockpicks, able to move silently, natural thieves (though innocent of crime), natural mapmakers (and map collectors), and constant travelers (especially during wanderlust).

“‘You know, Flint,’ the kender ((Tas)) said seriously, ‘my people don’t fear death. In a way we look forward to it- the last big adventure.'” (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, 243)

“kenders did not feel the emotion of fear, yet were extremely sensitive to other creatures’ natures.”

(Dragons of Autumn Twilight, 79)

One kender trick is called “To Use When Lost”. The kender closes her or his eyes to block everything and try to picture the land ahead. Ideally, some anscestor of the kender would have walked the land before and passed it on through collective memory.

Quotes: Kender quotes


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Last modified on October 18, 2009