The Irda

The Irda

Names: Irda

Denomination: Good

Description: Irda are humanoid, but much taller. Their skin is usually light blue or green, possibly purple.

Personality: Irda, are descended from the “We’re the best” ogres, but, thought they believe themselves the most magically gifted and wisest of races, they do not look down upon other races.

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History: The Irda were the creation of the Dark Queen at the time when Paladine created the elves and Gilean created humans. They were vain and cruel, and enslaved other races. They were also talented and intelligent, perhaps beyond all other races. A small group of Irda decide to change their ways to the ways of good and set off for a small island of their own, while the rest remain cruel and do not leave. All the Irda but this small band were changed into ogres- ugly and stupid, though no less brutish than they were before. This band lived virtually isolated on an island, until one day, at the end of the forth age, the graygem floated their way. Believing that opening it would be a good thing, they broke open the gem, freeing chaos, killing themselves, and starting the Chaos War.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009