Gully dwarves

Gully dwarf

So what do you get when you cross a dwarf and a gnome? These rather repulsive, yet strangely loveable little guys. And you wondered why they banned it!

Names: Gully dwarves, Aghar

Denomination: Neutral

Description: Dwarf like in appearance, but very dirty, very smelly, and very ugly. Females do not have beards, but have whiskers on their cheeks.

Personality: They’re not intelligent, not good fighters, in fact they can’t do much of anything. They usually are at the bottom of every society they enter, sometimes they’re even used as slaves. They’re often despised for their stupidity, lack of skill, and lack of cleanliness, but are often rather amusing and almost endearing, almost. They tend to live in places that every other living creature has rejected. They live in clans- multiple clans following one chieftain or clan leader. Though cowards, gully dwarves put up a nasty fight when cornered. They are generally cheerful.

History: These guys were formed when dwarves and gnomes got together, and they just didn’t die off.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009