The Gnomes

The Gnomes

Names: Gnomes

Denomination: Neutral

Description: Short and often bearded little people.

Personality: They want to learn and invent and that’s about it. The other races of Krynn are only there for their study by their thinking. They are obsessed with inventing, but not all of their inventions work. In fact, most don’t, and the results are often disastrous. Every gnome has a Life Quest, something, assigned at birth, she or he must do or study during her or his lifetime. The completion of the Life Quest is what gets a gnome into the afterlife.

“The Life Quest was one of the oldest gnome traditions through which the young of Mt. Nevermind passed into adulthood and received a purpose for the rest of their days. Usually late in adolescence, each gnome appeared before the council of his or her guild to be assigned a mission, a project, a lifelong study. The Mathematicians’ Guild, for example, might assign you to prove mathematically that a duck is different from a dragon or that two plus two makes either five or six depending on the amount of resentment the calculator has against prime numbers. The Engineers might assign more practical projects such as how to distill sunlight from cucumbers or silver from the lining of clouds. The antiquarians looked for lost evidence, for archeological sights that would prove all history was wrong except for what they expected in the first place, and the Librarians…

Well, nobody knew or cared what the Librarians did, as long as it did not involve too much reading.” (The Siege of Mt. Nevermind, 19-20)


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Last modified on October 18, 2009