There are four main types of elf

The Silvanesti

The Qualinesti

The Kagonesti

The Dargonesti

General elf information

Names: Elf

Denomination: Good

Description: Elves are very tall and thin, have almond shaped eyes, and have pointed ears. They do not grow facial hair.

Personality: They tend to think they are superior to all other races. They are highly intelligent, very skilled fighters (known for their archery), and very artistic. They tend to be as light and airy as their towers in everything, delicate jewelry, rose quartz buildings, and their own wafty frames. They have elvensight, the ability to see outlines of animals, people, etc. in the dark. Elves marry for life, and never remarry, even if widowed.

History: The elves were created by Paladine.

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