These creatures shock the companions when they first encounter them in Dragons of Autumn Twilight, because they are a new race that doesn’t come into being, but is created by evil.

Names: Draconians

Denomination: evil

Description: They’re kind of mini humanoid dragon things, and they vary slightly depending on what kind of egg was used, some have wings and stuff. There are four types Kapak, Sivak, Aurak, and Baaz. Actually, as AllMightySnez@aol.com pointed out to me, there are actually five (as there are five types of good dragons). The fifth race is the bozak. Snez says the bozaks are, “the draconians that are spawned from the eggs of bronze dragons. When they die they turn into skeletons and then their bones blow up. They are the best type of draconians to be assigned to field commanders. They wield magic but they are not as powerful as the auraks.”

Personality: Most are stupid, but some can be bright, depending on the eggs they came from. Some can spit acid and others have other talents, few are smart, and Aurak can use magic. They are generally fairly skilled fighters. Some turn to stone and turn to dust when killed, others blow up, some turn to puddles of acid.

History: Draconians are a race created by magic; in some ways they’re almost not a race, they can’t reproduce (Snez refers to a book where they do, but I have seen books where they don’t… More Dragonlance mistakes), and I’ve never heard of any females. They were created from eggs stolen from good dragons. The eggs were brought to Sanction, to an alter to Takhisis, where clerics and Black Robes placed spells on the eggs. Larva erupted from the eggs, and draconians burst from the larva. They were a major fighting force in the War of the Lance, but afterwards, being sterile, they began to slowly die off. In the Fifth Age Skie uses them to magically create his own little race, in which he plans to store Kitiara’s body, and it takes him a while to find them.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009