The Dargonesti

The Dargonesti

Elves of the sea.

Names: Dargonesti, Quoowahb (Dargonesti name for themselves), sea elves, Blueskins (Derogatory term used for Dargonesti)

Denomination: Good

Description: As elves of the sea they have bluish or greenish, even slightly purplish skin and pointy ears. Their hair can be a variety of colors, including silver white, but usually ranges from apple green to deep jade, and is cut to shoulder length. They have gills to breath under water, located just under their ears, which they must keep wet. They are taller than regular elves, standing about eight feet. They have a slight webbing between their fingers and toes. Some who have been enchanted with a magical spell and charm, called the Brothers of the Sea, can turn into dolphins. Another related branch is the Dimernesti (shoal elves)- they are seven feet tall with lighter skin and silver hair.

Personality: Many tend to think of themselves as the superior race, even superior among elves. They are skilled, intelligent, and good fighters. As sea elves they are superior swimmers.

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History: They came into being over a thousand years before the Kinslayer Wars. They were transformed by the Graygem, so they left Silvanesti and went to the sea, where they focused on arts and sciences.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009