Ahh!!! An overgrown lobster! No wait, just a chilkit. Chilkit?!?

Names: Chilkit

Denomination: Evil

Description: Giant lobster-like creatures. They are eight feet tall when rearing, with fire-red armor, gray flesh, and white on the insides of their claws. They have a barrel shaped body, and a torso that rises from it and ends in a blunt point without a separate head. They have four jointed legs, a lower pair of arms ending in fingers, and an upper pair of arms ending in massive claws. Antennae protrude from the top of the torso, and four sets of eyes protrude on flexible stalks just below the antennae. Their mouth is vertical and surrounded by horny palps, and they breath by taking water into their mouths and forcing it out through their gills.

Personality: Not very bright or skilled, but very strong fighters due to their size and massive claws. They are brave, and will defend fallen comrades from attack if they can. They live in the ocean and often attack the Dargonesti.

History: Little is known of these sea monsters’ past. They were nearly, if not completely eradicated when they were attacked by the Dargonesti as a preliminary attack before attacking the Silvanesti approx. a century after the Kinslayer Wars in the book The Dargonesti.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009