The Bakali

The Bakali

Lizards don’t have very big brains, and neither do bakali…

Names: Bakali

Denomination: Evil

Description: Scaly humanoid lizard men, greenish brown in color, larger than an elf, snake-like face with sharp fangs, hooked talons, who smell horrible.

Personality: They hate pretty much everyone but themselves, and are quick to fight. They are good fighters, stealthy, savage, but not very intelligent. Loyal servants to the Dark Queen. They wear only a looped belt with crude weapons and feather adornments, more for the chief. They speak with grunts and barks.

History: Found in the book The Kagonesti, these pre-cataclysm creatures plagued the Kagonesti and others, by looting, pillaging, and killing. They became extinct just before the Cataclysm.

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Last modified on October 18, 2009