Kender Quotes

Kender Quotes

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

“‘Elven wanderer, turn from your coarse and leave the dwarf behind. We are the spirits of those poor souls Flint Fireforge left on the barroom floor. Did we die in combat?’

‘No! We died of shame, cursed by the ghost of the grape for not being able to outdrink a hill dwarf.’

‘Damn the eyes of elves!’ The spectral voice turned merry. ‘And damn the beards of dwarves!’

‘Wouldn’t you know it?’ Flint groaned. ‘Tasslehoff Burrfoot'”(17)

“New roads demand a hoopak… No road is ever old” (18)((Famous kender saying))

((Tas discussing a dagger in a goblin body)) “‘I don’t want it back. You can never get rid of the smell, you know.’

‘Besides,’ he said, ‘that dagger was Flint’s!'” (21)

((While Caramon hugs Tas)) “‘Caramon better look to his purse,’ Flint grumbled. ‘Or count his teeth.'” (25)

“‘Some plants live on air,’ Tasslehoff stated, returning with Sturm’s ale. ‘I’ve seen them. They hover off the ground. Their roots suck food and water out of the atmosphere.’

‘Really?’ Caramon’s eyes were wide.

‘I don’t know who’s the greater idiot,’ said Flint in disgust.” (32)

((As the companions head towards Crystalmir Lake)) “Tas is enjoying all of this immensely, Tanis realized. He felt like shaking the kender, lecturing him sternly on how much danger they were in. But the half-elf knew it was useless: kenders are totally immune to fear.” (52)

((Tanis and Tas look around a cave to spend the night in)) “‘It will do for the night. I don’t think even the dwarf will complain about this. If he does, we’ll send him back to sleep in the boat!’

Tas flashed his own smile back at the half-elf. It was good to see the old Tanis back. He had thought his friend unusually moody and indecisive, not the strong leader he had remembered from the early days. Yet, now that they were on the road, the glint was back in the half-elf’s eyes. He had come out of his brooding shell and was taking charge, slipping back into his accustomed role. He needed this adventure to get his mind off his problems- whatever those might be. The kender, who had never been able to understand Tanis’s inner turmoil, was glad the adventure had come along.” (63)

“Tasslehoff yawned. ‘Well,’ he said, putting the map back carefully in the case, ‘it’s a problem that will be solved by wiser heads than mine. I’m along for the fun.'” (67)

“‘Be serious,’ the dwarf ((Flint)) hissed at Tasslehoff. ‘Or I’ll take you by the topknot and tie you to a tree as a warning to all kenders-‘” (69)

“‘Good,’ Tanis said. ‘Tas, you know your way through Solace Vale. You are guide. And remember, we’re not on a picnic!'” (71)

“‘But, remember, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, keep your eyes open and your wits about you. No roaming off the road and above all’ -Tanis fixed the kender’s eye with his own sternly- ‘keep your hands out of other people’s belongings.’

‘Unless they’re bakers,’ Caramon added.” (74)

“The kender’s hoopak staff struck the dwarf in the back of the knees, causing Flint’s legs to buckle beneath him. The creature’s sword whistled harmlessly overhead as the dwarf gave a startled yell and fell over backwards on top of Sturm.

Tasslehoff, hearing the dwarf shout, looked back, astonished at an odd sight: a cleric was attacking Flint and, for some reason, the dwarf was lying on his back, legs flailing, when he should have been up fighting.

‘What are you doing Flint?’ Tas shouted. He nonchalantly struck the creature in the midsection with his hoopak, struck it again on the head as it toppled foreward, and watched it fall to the ground, unconscious.

‘There!’ he said irritably to Flint. ‘Do I have to fight your battles for you?'” (91)

“‘Goblins, boats, lizard men, invisible stags- what’s next?’ complained Flint to the kender.

‘I wish I could see the stag,’ Tas said wistfully.

‘Get hit on the head.’ The dwarf snorted. ‘Although with you, we probably couldn’t tell the difference.'” (100)

“‘Looks are as deceptive as a light-fingered kender,’ Raistlin whispered harshly.” (104)

“‘We need light,’ Flint said uneasily as night’s shadows closed in thickly. Sounds in the woods that had been innocent in the daytime now seemed sinister and threatening.

‘Surely you do not fear children’s stories,’ Raistlin hissed.

‘No!’ snapped the dwarf. ‘I just want to make certain the kender doesn’t rifle my pack in the dark.'” (110-111)

“Tasslehoff, examining the tracks, suddenly realized that they might be walking into a large camp of the monsters. He shrugged. No use worrying about such minor details.” (152)

“‘There’s a whole damn army up there!’ the dwarf ((Flint)) gasped, grabbing the kender by the shoulder.

‘Yes, well-‘ Tas paused to consider the situation. He brightened. ‘That’s all the better. The more of them there are, the less chance they’ll have of seeing us‘” (152-153)

“Tasslehoff had his hoopak and a small dagger he had discovered. He was very proud of it and was deeply wounded when Caramon told him it would be of use if they ran into any ferocious rabbits.” (188)

“‘I tried to climb it last night,’ he ((Tas)) said, ‘but it was too slippery. I wonder what’s up there?’

‘Well, whatever it is will have to stay forever beyond the reach of kenders,’ Tanis snapped irritably.” (189)

“‘You know, Flint,’ the kender ((Tas)) said seriously, ‘my people don’t fear death. In a way we look forward to it- the last big adventure. But I think I’d feel badly about leaving this life. I’d miss my things’ -he patted his pouches- ‘and my maps, and you and Tanis. Unless’ he added brightly, we all go to the same place when we die.’

Flint had a sudden vision of the happy-go-lucky kender lying cold and dead. He felt a lump of pain in his chest and was thankful for the concealing darkness. Clearing his throat, he said huskily, ‘If you think I’m going to spend my afterlife with a bunch of kender, you’re crazier than Raistlin.'” (243)

“For the first time in his life, the kender ((Tas)) felt small and helpless and alone. It was a horrible, unpleasant feeling, and he thought death might be preferable.” (246)

“The sword began to give off a faint red glow. Raistlin smiled and said softly, ‘It is enchanted.’

Tas gasped. ‘Good enchantment? Or bad?’

‘I have no way of knowing,’ the mage whispered. ‘But since it has lain undisturbed for so long, I would certainly not venture to touch it!'” (359)

“About halfway across the gap, the kender considered what it would be like to fall from this height, tumbling down and down and down, then hitting the stone floor at the bottom. He wondered what it would feel like to splatter all over the floor…” (376)

“Men- Knights of Solamnia -mounted on other dragons were fighting back! The dragons the Knights rode were beautiful dragons -gold and silver dragons- all the men carried bright weapons that gleamed with a shining radiance. Suddenly Tasslehoff understood! There were good dragons in the world- if they could be found- who would help fight the evil dragons, and there was-

‘The Dragonlance!’ he murmured.

The old magician nodded to himself. ‘Yes, little one,’ he whispered. ‘You understand. You see the answer. And you will remember. But not now.’ Reaching out, he ruffled the kender’s hair with a gnarled hand.

‘Dragons. What was I saying?’ Tas couldn’t remember.” (392)

“‘What did your father say?’ asked Fizban gently.

‘He said kenders were small because we were meant to do small things. ‘If you look at all the big things in the world closely,’ he said, ‘you’ll see that they’re really made up of small things all joined together.’ That big dragon down there comes to nothing but tiny drops of blood, maybe. It’s the small things that make the difference.'” (398) ((Tas))

“‘Poor Fizban,’ Tas said, blinking tears from his eyes as he floundered in an ocean of white chicken feathers. His last spell must have been featherfall like Raistlin uses. Wouldn’t you know it? He just got the feathers.'” (418)

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