Kronin’s Quotes

Bridges of Time

Spirit of the Wind

“Giffel folded his arms across his chest. ‘I’m not supposed to say,’ he answered. ‘Kronin gave specific instructions not to let anyone know he was in Woodsedge.'” (11)

“What might seem a feat of reckless bravery to a human, a kender regards as no big deal. ‘I could have done that, if I wanted,’ is a favorite kender saying.” (12)

“No, what drew the kender’s attention to Kronin was that his deeds made him a hero to other races of Ansalon.” (13)

“‘Remember when you were young, how he used to put salamanders in her boots?’ Kronin asked wistfully.

‘Of coarse I do.’ Kronn grinned wryly. ‘It was my idea'” (18)

“‘Kronn?’ Kronin asked, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Uh,’ he said, ‘have you noticed, there’s an absolutely enormous dragon out there?’

‘Really?'” (19)

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