Giffel’s Quotes

Bridges of Time

Spirit of the Wind

“Giffel folded his arms across his chest. ‘I’m not supposed to say,’ he answered. ‘Kronn gave specific instructions not to let anyone know he was in Woodsedge.'” (11)

“‘Remember when you were young, how he used to put salamanders in her boots?’ Kronin asked wistfully.

‘Of coarse I do.’ Kronn grinned wryly. ‘It was my idea'” (18)

“‘You brought humans with you!’

‘Of coarse I did,’ Kronn answered. ‘That’s what Pax sent us to do.’

‘But I never thought you’d actually find someone who was willing to come or find your way back through the army of ogres.’ (188)

((Giffel and Kronn))

“‘She took a bump on her head, and it knocked her out for a while, but there’s no permanent damage.’

‘I always said it was a good thing you Thistleknots had such thick skulls,’ Giffel joked. (193)

“Then the door had swung open, and Giffel had turned, waving cheerily to the furious, hairless ogre, and walked into the vault.

‘Hi!’ he’d begun brightly. ‘You must be Baloth. Pleased to meet you. My name’s Giffel Birdwhistle. I’ve had a very interesting life. Would you like to hear about it?’

At around midnight a strange sound had risen from behind the vault door-a low, strained whimpering that nearly drowned out the sound of Giffel’s prattling voice. The guards outside the cell had listened to it with rapt interest. They had never heard an ogre weep before.” (257)

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