Catt’s Quotes

Bridges of Time

Spirit of the Wind

“‘I am not making up stories,’ said Catt Thistleknot. The little kender’s eyebrows knitted in vexation. ‘I did too see a boat fall from the sky last month.'” (7)

“‘Merldon Metwinger says his daughter married Uncle Trapspringer.’

‘It’s distinctly possible, Kronn said. ‘Uncle Trapspringer is quite a catch, and I know for a fact that he’s been married seven or nine times.'” (8)

“‘Remember when you were young, how he used to put salamanders in her boots?’ Kronin asked wistfully.

‘Of coarse I do.’ Kronn grinned wryly. ‘It was my idea'” (18)

“‘Kendermore?’ echoed Caramon, incredulous.

Catt leaned over the bar, her brow furrowing. ‘I don’t mean to intrude,’ she said, ‘but is there a reason you’re pouring beer all over the floor?'” (46)

“The older kender ((Catt)) had pitched in with the sailors from the start… Which is the main reason they hadn’t yet killed Kronn.”

“Catt nodded. ‘So what’s our plan?’

‘Plan?’ said Kronn. ‘The plan is to rescue them.’

Catt made a face. ‘And how do you think we’re going to manage that?’

‘I’m working on that part.'” (120)

“‘Trapspringer’s ghost,’ she ((Catt)) gasped. ‘She’s ((Billee)) shaking. She is afraid.’

‘I don’t understand,’ Swiftraven said. ‘I thought you people weren’t able to feel fear.’

Catt looked up at the plainsfolk, her eyes wide and confused. ‘That’s what I thought, too.'” (163)

“‘She took a bump on her head, and it knocked her out for a while, but there’s no permanent damage.’

‘I always said it was a good thing you Thistleknots had such thick skulls,’ Giffel joked. (193)

“The next day, Catt Thistleknot woke with a headache the likes of which she had never felt before. ‘I wish I were dead,’ she moaned thickly.

‘Good morning to you, too,” said Kronn.” (200)

“As she rolled to a stop, she caught a glimpse of Paxina lying on her back, a smile on her face.

‘Oh, well,’ the Lord Mayor said unafraid. ‘It was fun while it lasted.’ (326)

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