Sturm’s Quotes

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

“‘Please, Sturm,’ Tanis said quietly. ‘Trust me. This is not our time to die.’

Sturm hesitated, glancing around at the goblins inside the Inn. They stood back, fearful of his sword and his skill, but he knew they would charge in a rush if he made the slightest move. ‘It is not our time to die.’ What odd words. Why had Tanis said them? Did a man ever have a ‘time to die’? If so, Sturm realized, this wasn’t it- not if he could help it. There was no glory dying in an Inn, trampled by stinking, flapping goblin feet.” (281)


Darkness and Light

((The name of the gnomic flying machine))

“‘Mark III?’ said Sturm.

‘Yes, the first two prototypes were not successful. Poor Fitter has a burn on his…well, he’ll be standing at dinner for a while.'”(64)

“The germ of Sturm’s idea spread to the gnome, and he smiled widely. ‘A fine notion, my friend. Worthy of a gnome!’

Kitiara slapped him on the back. ‘There you are,’ she said. ‘A few days in the air and you start thinking like a gnome.'”(83)

“Dear S

I knew you’d come here and here I find you in a losing fight with a wizard. My new friends don’t choose to play fair but I decided to even the odds in memory of our past friendship. Next time you might not be so lucky!



The Companions

“‘Oh I don’t know about that,’ disagreed Caramon with a broad grin. ‘If they let Tas improvise with his hoopak, he’d stand a fighting chance.'” (141)

“‘He ((Sturm)) thinks he’s a Solamnic Knight, but he’s not really-just another sad case of misguided ambition, if you ask me.'” ((Evil Tas)) (210)

Other Books

The Soulforge

You think you know my brother, Caramon said, talking silently to a line of faces. You, Master Theobald, and you, John Farnish, and you, Sturm Brightblade, and all the rest of you. You call him ‘Sly’ and ‘Sneak.’ You say he’s cold and calculating and unfeeling. You think you know him. I know him. Caramon’s eyes filled with tears. I know him. I’m the only one.(102)

((Caramon watching Raistlin take care of their sick mother))

“‘Yes, that’s Solamnia. They have awfully fine jails there….'”(137)

((Tas showing Sturm and others a map))

“‘-and then Uncle Trapspringer said, ‘Are you sure that’s your walrus?’ And the barbarian said-Oh, hello, Raistlin! Look at me! I’m tied to a chair. Isn’t this exciting? I’ll bet Sturm would tie you up if you asked him politely. Would you, Sturm? Would you tie up Raistlin?'”(240)

((Tas, who else?))

“‘There could be lots of reasons,’ said Caramon stoutly. ‘Maybe he’s being held prisoner in a dungeon by a mad wizard. Oh, sorry, Raist. I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.'”(277)

((Caramon giving Sturm a possible explanation for his missing father))

“Raistlin bowed. ‘I will be an accommodating guest, I assure you, Sturm. I will not set the bed linens on fire, nor will I poison the well.'”(278)

((Raistlin mocking Sturm when he tells Raistlin he won’t be welcome in Solamnia))

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