Riverwind’s Quotes



Riverwind the Plainsman

“‘The oracle says, ‘One will die, one will go mad, and one will find glory.'”-Catchflea (150)

“‘Careful human. Brud got delicate back.’

‘You’re supposed to be dead,’ Riverwind reminded him. ‘Be quiet.'” (229)

Dragons of a New Age

The Day of the Tempest

“‘It was so much easier when you were here with me,’ she said. ‘Together we were…’ Goldmoon closed her eyes and a lone tear edged over her cheek. ‘When we were together, I was complete.'”(75-6)

((Goldmoon after talking to her dead husband, Riverwind about what’s happening to Palin & co.))

Bridges of Time

Spirit of the Wind

“‘But who am I, Father? Chieftain’s third child, the extra daughter. I have no place.'” ((Brightdawn to Riverwind)) (79)

((After Riverwind’s flute ended up in Kronn’s pouch)) “‘All my life, through Darkness and light,’ he ((Riverwind)) said, ‘I have kept this flute. I took it with me on my courting quest and carried it to war. I played it that night in Solace, when I met Tanis and Caramon and the others. And-it is the only thing I have left to remind me of my grandfather. Even his face is no longer clear in my memory, but I can still see his hands as he guided my fingers over the holes.’

The kender nodded solemnly. ‘I’m surprised you’re so careless with it, if it’s so important.'” (145)

“‘Look, Riverwind’ Kronn had explained. ‘The dwarves have a saying about us-well, they have lots of sayings about us, and frankly I find most of them pretty offensive. But this one’s true. ‘There’s nothing worse than a bored kender.'” (256)

“Kronn watched him, craning his neck curiously, then caught his breath when the plainsman produced his worn, bonewood flute.

‘I want you to have this,’ Riverwind said.

Kronn stared at it, his mouth agape. ‘I can’t take that.’

The old plainsman laughed suddenly, eyes sparkling. ‘That’s something I never thought I’d hear a kender say,’ he said.” (332)

Kan-tocah, it read. Forgive me, I will wait for you.

She stared at the words long into the night.” (346)

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