Raph’s Quotes

Dragons of a New Age

The Dawning of a New Age

“‘See this spoon?’ the smaller boasted. ‘It’s just like the one Tasslehoff had, the one he used to chase away the undead. It’s a magical spoon of undead turning.'”(96)

((Raph to Blister meeting in front of Tas’s tomb))

“‘That’s a fine spoon. And quite valuable I suspect.’ the taller replied… ‘I wish I had one just like it.'”

‘Now you do!’ he exclaimed, as he thrust the spoon towards her. ‘Consider it an early birthday present. Or a late one. Happy birthday, Blister!'”(96)

((More Raph and Blister))

“‘How old are you, anyway?’ the small one asked as he fussed over a daisy.

‘Old enough.’

‘Older than me?’

‘By quite a lot.’

‘Thought so. You’ve got as much gray hair as you do blond.’


‘You’re welcome.'(97)

((Raph and Blister again))

“‘You’re pouting,’ she observed.

‘I never pout,’ he said, his lower lip protruding noticeably.”(98)

((Blister and Raph))

“‘Wonder who he is?’ Raph whispered. ‘Wonder what’s in his pack'”(98)

“‘Do you think he’s going to leave that sword? It looks old. I bet it’s valua…er, sharp. And I bet it would be dangerous just to leave it here. Children could get hurt.’

‘If he’s going to leave it, I’m going to pick it up. Just to keep the children safe, of coarse.'” (99)

“‘Maybe you better rest,’ Blister suggested. ‘I think you have a fever.’

‘Here’s a spoon of wellness!’ Raph exclaimed as he reached into his pouch and pulled out a tarnished silver soupspoon.” (101)

“‘What’s your name?’ Raph huffed.


‘That’s it? Just Dhamon?’

‘Dhamon Grimwulf’

‘Hmm. Not a very cheery name. Why’d your folks call you that? Must have been in a bad mood, huh? Maybe it was raining. Or maybe a wolf killed all the cows on their farm.'” (104)

“‘Caught it myself,’ Raph interjected. ‘With my spoon of rabbit grabbing!’

‘And your snare,’ Blister added quietly.” (106)

“‘There’s a toll for using this road,’ the tall one ((bandit)) said. ‘The toll is whatever you have that’s valuable.'” (107)

“‘I have spoons,’ Raph offered nervously.” (108)

“‘Wait! I gotta get my spoons!'” (110)

“‘My uncle gave me the sword,’ Raph began. ‘It’s been in the family for years. I’m just too short to use it, and I’m tired of hauling it around.'” (116)

((Raph talking about the sword he just got from the bandits))

“‘Look at me everybody! Look at me!’ Raph’s high pitched voice ended Blister’s lesson.

Raph was standing at the top of a pyramid of water barrels.

‘This is fun!’ he hollered.

‘Raph! Get down from there. That’s dangerous!’ Blister scolded.

‘You’re always so worried, Blister. Always too careful. You never have any fun. Look at this.’ Raph tucked his right arm in toward his chest and was standing on one hand now. ‘I could be in a circus.’

‘You could be in the sea, which is where I’ll toss you if you don’t get off our water barrels!’ Rig cursed.

‘Don’t worry. I’ve got perfect balance!’ the kender bragged.

‘Balance yourself off those barrels!’ Rig commanded.

‘Wonder what this rope is for?’

‘It ties the barrels together. Leave it alone,’ Rig spat.

Raph maneuvered back to his feet and brought his hands down to the rope and tugged. A smile stretched wide across his cherubic face.

‘No!’ Blister screamed.

((The barrels crush Raph)) ‘He’s dead,’ Rig announced.

‘Dead?’ Blister picked her way through the broken barrels and slumped beside Raph’s body.

‘I came along to keep him out of trouble,’ she whispered.

‘I told him I’d take care of him,’ she whispered.” (146-148)

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