Raistlin’s Quotes


Volume One: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

“‘I think the young man was a better magician than you gave him credit for,’ he said. ‘And, you must admit, he worked long and tirelessly to help those who were taken in by the fake clerics -as I did.'” (16) ((Tanis defending Raistlin))

((Raistlin shows each of the companions his face after the Test)) “Tanis realized the young mage was getting a cynical pleasure out of seeing his friends’ discomfiture.” (32)

“My body was my sacrifice… for my magic. This damage is permanent.” (64) ((Raistlin rejects the healing of the Blue Crystal staff.))

“‘You’re suggesting we follow an animal we can’t even see?’ Caramon said, his jaw going slack.

‘It would not be the strangest thing we have done,’ Raistlin commented sarcastically in his whispering voice.” (99)

“‘Looks are as deceptive as a light-fingered kender,’ Raistlin whispered harshly.” (104)

“‘We need light,’ Flint said uneasily as night’s shadows closed in thickly. Sounds in the woods that had been innocent in the daytime now seemed sinister and threatening.

‘Surely you do not fear children’s stories,’ Raistlin hissed.

‘No!’ snapped the dwarf. ‘I just want to make certain the kender doesn’t rifle my pack in the dark.'” (110-111)

“‘These armies, Tanis, armies of Draconians, will overrun Solace and Haven and all the lands of your fathers. This is the reason we must reach Xak Tsaroth. What we find there will prove this army’s undoing.'” (129) ((Raistlin))

“‘But you have known me many years, Sturm Brightblade, and I give you my word of honor- you may trust my brother as you trust me. If ever a time comes, when that is not so, may my death -and his- be not far behind.'” (190) ((Caramon))

“‘My dear brother,’ Raistlin whispered, ‘your strength lies in your swordarm, not your mind. Tanis is wise, as the knight said when we started on this little adventure. You would do well to pay attention to him.'” (222)

“‘I understand,’ Raistlin said calmly.

I wish I did, Tanis thought bitterly. I wish I understood what was going on in that mind of yours, mage.” (237)

“‘You know, Flint,’ the kender ((Tas)) said seriously, ‘my people don’t fear death. In a way we look forward to it- the last big adventure. But I think I’d feel badly about leaving this life. I’d miss my things’ -he patted his pouches- ‘and my maps, and you and Tanis. Unless’ he added brightly, we all go to the same place when we die.’

Flint had a sudden vision of the happy-go-lucky kender lying cold and dead. He felt a lump of pain in his chest and was thankful for the concealing darkness. Clearing his throat, he said huskily, ‘If you think I’m going to spend my afterlife with a bunch of kender, you’re crazier than Raistlin.'” (243)

“Bupu rolled over to face him. Her eyes were red, her nose swollen. Tears streaked down her dirty face. She snuffled and wiped her hand across her nose. ‘I don’t want to leave you. I want to go with you,’ she said brokenly, ‘but- oh -I will miss my people!’ Sobbing, she buried her face in her hands.

A look of infinite tenderness touched Raistlin’s face, a look no one in his world would ever see. He reached out and stroked Bupu’s coarse hair, knowing what it felt like to be weak and miserable, an object of ridicule and pity.

‘Bupu,’ he said, ‘you have been a good and true friend to me. You saved my life and the lives of those I care about. Now you will do one last thing for me, little one. Go back. I must travel roads that will be dark and dangerous before the end of my long journey. I can not ask you to go with me.'” (265)

“Bupu looked at him sadly, then -greatly daring- she caught his hand in hers and kissed it swiftly. She turned away, her head bowed, sobbing bitterly.

Raistlin stepped forward. He laid his hand on her head. If I have any power at all, Great One, he said inside himself, power that has not yet been revealed to me, grant that this little one goes through her life in safety and happiness.” (266)

((When Laurana enters the room)) “Even Raistlin stared, his eyes seeing beauty at last, for no hint of decay touched the young elfmaiden.” (323)

“The sword began to give off a faint red glow. Raistlin smiled and said softly, ‘It is enchanted.’

Tas gasped. ‘Good enchantment? Or bad?’

‘I have no way of knowing,’ the mage whispered. ‘But since it has lain undisturbed for so long, I would certainly not venture to touch it!'” (359)

“‘Poor Fizban,’ Tas said, blinking tears from his eyes as he floundered in an ocean of white chicken feathers. His last spell must have been featherfall like Raistlin uses. Wouldn’t you know it? He just got the feathers.'” (418)

Volume 4: Dragons of the Summer Flame

“‘I made love to a beautiful woman and I didn’t know it. Just my luck,’ Raistlin said.”(363)

((Palin told Raistlin the story of him and the Irda woman))

“‘I have dreamed of it…for so long,’ Raistlin said softly. ‘We will go home, Nephew. I want to go home.'”(364)

((Raistlin to Palin after leaving the abyss))

“‘I wanted to tell her that sometimes, in my long sleep, I dreamt of her,’ he said softly.”(454)

((Raistlin telling Astinus why he wanted to talk to Crysania))

Volume Two: Dragons of Winter Night

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

“‘Don’t judge Raistlin, Laurana,’ Tanis said harshly, thrusting a torch into a bucket of water. The light vanished with a hiss. ‘Things aren’t always black and white, as you elves are inclined to believe. The mage has saved our lives more than once. I have come to rely upon his thinking- which, I admit, I find easier to rely on than blind faith!'” (19-20)

“‘But you’ll show up on that mountain like a blood stain. Cover yourself with a white robe.’ The half-elf’s sardonic smile was an almost perfect imitation of Raistlin’s own. ‘Borrow one from Elistan.'” (30)

“‘I know,’ Sturm said, smiling sadly. He glanced up at Raistlin, who was standing on the stairs. Besides, there is always the great worm, Catyrpelius, to protect it, isn’t there, mage?’

Raistlin started at this unexpected reminder of a time in the burned-out city of Solace when he’d tricked some hob goblins into believing Sturm’s sword was cursed. It was the closest to an expression of gratitude that the knight had ever made to the mage. Raistlin smiled briefly.” (40)

“‘Some of us are not destined to meet again in this world!'” (40-41) ((Raistlin talking, does this mean there will be Dragonlance books about some other world they meet in that I’ve got to read? I’ll never finish!))

“Raistlin leaned forward almost unconsciously, his hand stretched out, trembling, to touch the wondrous hair that seemed possessed of a life of its own, so vibrant and luxuriant was it. Then, seeing before his eyes his own dying flesh, he withdrew his hand quickly and sank back in his chair, a bitter smile on his lips. For what Laurana did not know, could not know, was that, in looking at her, Raistlin saw the only beauty he would ever see in his lifetime. Young, by elven standards, she was untouched by death or decay, even in the mage’s cursed vision.” (50)

“‘The half-elf comes to me for advise, not because I can see the future. I can’t. I am no seer. He comes because I am able to think, which is something most of these other fools seem incapable of doing.'” (50) ((Raistlin))

“‘Caramon! It is time for my drink,’ he ((Raistlin)) said in the hissing whisper that pierced through the loudest talk. ‘Or have you forgotten me in the pleasure of other company?'” (51)

“‘Tanis listens to his feelings. He does not suppress them, as does the knight, or hide them, as does the Plainsman. Tanis realizes that sometimes a leader must think with his heart and not his head.’ Raistlin glanced at her ((Laurana)). ‘Remember that.'” (53) ((Raistlin explaining why everyone follows Tanis))

“Flint grunted, overhearing them. ‘First the kender gets us charged with inciting a riot, then he disappears. Now the knight gets us thrown into prison. Next time, remind me to stick with the mage. I know he’s crazed!'” (57)

“‘It’s eaten all of the draconians,’ whispered Caramon gruffly, ‘and now it’s after us!’

Tika turned deathly white, clutching at Caramon’s arm. Goldmoon gasped softly and even Riverwind appeared to lose some of his stoic composure, staring intently upward.

‘Caramon,’ Raistlin said, shivering, ‘shut up!'” (87)

“The elven warrior yanked his weapon free from the big man’s shoulder. Caramon slumped to the ground, his life’s blood mingling with the tree’s blood. Raistlin, with a fury that surprised him, drew the silver dagger from the leather thong he had hidden on his arm and flung it at the elf.” (109)

“‘The future changes as we stand here, else we are the game pieces of the gods, not their heirs, as we have been promised.'” (125) ((Raistlin))

“‘Well! I had the most fantastic dream! Trees crying blood. Horrible dead elves going around and killing people! Raistlin wearing black robes! It was the most incredible thing! And you were there, Sturm. Laurana and Flint. And everyone died! Well, almost everyone. Raistlin didn’t. And there was a green dragon-‘

Tasslehoff stopped. What was wrong with his friends? Their faces were pale, their eyes wide.” (133-134)

“‘Yes?’ Tanis said quietly. ‘Go on. Who does it seek?’

‘People with intelligence,’ Raistlin snarled. ‘Therefore I believe the members of this party are safe.'” (138)

“‘Things can never again be the same between us, can they?’ the half-elf asked quietly.

Raistlin looked at him for a moment, and Tanis saw a brief flicker of regret in the young mage’s eyes, a longing for trust and friendship and a return to the days of youth.

‘No,’ Raistlin whispered. ‘But such was the price I paid.’ He began to cough.

‘Price? To whom? For what?’

‘Do not question, Half-Elf.’ The mage’s thin shoulders bent with coughing. Caramon put his strong arm around his brother and Raistlin leaned weakly against his twin. When he recovered from the spasm, he lifted his golden eyes. ‘I can not tell you the answer, Tanis, because I do not know it myself.'” (140)

“Raistlin’s thin hand reached out to touch the robe, the slender fingers stroking the shining, sequined fabric wistfully, regretting that this period in his life was over.

‘I have been happy,’ he murmured to himself. ‘Strange. There have not been many times in my life I could make that claim. Certainly not when I was young, nor in these past few years, after they tortured my body and cursed me with these eyes. But then I never expected happiness. How paltry it is compared to my magic! Still… still, these last few weeks have been weeks of peace. Weeks of happiness. I don’t suppose any will come again. Not after what I must do-‘” (274) ((Raistlin considering the time at the Pig and Whistle tavern before trying the Dragon Orb))

“‘I love you, Tika, as truly as any man loves any woman in this world. I want to make love to you. If we weren’t involved in this stupid war, I’d make you mine today. This minute. But I can’t. Because if I did, it would be a commitment to you that I would dedicate my life to keeping. You must come first in all my thoughts. You deserve no less than that. But I can’t make that commitment, Tika. My first commitment is to my brother.’ Tika’s tears flowed again- this time not for herself, but for him. ‘I must leave you free to find someone who can-‘

‘Caramon!’ A call split the afternoon’s sweet silence. ‘Caramon, come quickly!’ It was Tanis.

‘Raistlin!’ said the big man and, without another word, ran out of the cave.” (279-280)

Volume Three: Dragons of Spring Dawning

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

“‘Interesting.’ Raistlin coughed the word.

Tanis glanced at him sharply. ‘What’s interesting?’

‘I’ve never heard you lie before, Half-Elf,’ Raistlin said softly. ‘I find it… quite… fascinating.'” (17)

This day, as above Restful Hour climbing 29, a young man died on our doorstep.

‘Get his name,’ Astinus said without looking up or pausing in his writing, ‘so that I may record it. Be certain as to the spelling. And find out where he’s from and his age, if he’s not too far gone.'” (57) ((When Raistlin’s dying on the library steps))

“‘I? Turn my back on the world?’ Astinus’s voice rolled around the library as the thunder had rolled previously. ‘I am the world, as you well know, old friend! Countless times I have been born! Countless deaths I have died! Every tear shed- mine have flowed! Every drop of blood spilled- mine has drained! Every agony, every joy felt has been mine to share!

‘I sit with my hand on the Sphere of Time, the sphere you made for me, old friend, and I travel the length and breadth of this world chronicling its history. I have committed the blackest deeds! I have made the noblest sacrifices. I am human, elf, and ogre. I am male and female. I have born children. I have murdered children. I saw you as you were. I see you as you are. If I seem cold and unfeeling, it is because that is how I survive without losing my sanity! My passion goes into my words. Those who read my books know what it is to have lived in any time, in any body that ever walked this world.'” (65-66) ((Astinus, my great patron, talking to Raistlin))

“‘I tell you, it was Raistlin!’

‘And I tell you, one more of your furry-elephant, teleporting-ring, plants-live-off-air stories and I’ll twist that hoopak around your neck!’ Flint snapped angrily.

‘It was too Raistlin,’ Tasslehoff retorted, but he said it under his breath…” (68)

“‘Bah! The man was mad.’ Lord Amothus sniffed. ‘No man is master of past and present- unless it be you, Astinus.’

‘I am not master!’ Astinus said is such hollow, ringing tones that everyone in the room stared at him. ‘I remember the past, I record the present. I do not seek to dominate either!'” (81)

“They don’t understand. They don’t need me. Even Tika doesn’t need me- not like Raist needed me. They never heard him wake screaming in the night when he was little. We were left alone so much, he and I. There was no one in the darkness to hear him and comfort him but me. He could never remember those dreams, but they were awful. His thin body shook with fear. His eyes were wild with the sight of terrors only he could see. He clutched at me, sobbing. And I’d tell him stories or make funny shadow-pictures on the wall to drive away the horror.

‘Look, Raist,’ I’d say, ‘bunnies…’ and I’d hold up two fingers and wiggle them like rabbit’s ears.

After awhile, he’d stop trembling. He wouldn’t smile or laugh. He never did either, much, even when he was little. But he would relax.

‘I must sleep. I am so tired,’ he’d whisper, holding my hand fast. ‘But you stay awake, Caramon. Guard my sleep. Keep them away. Don’t let them get me.’

‘I’ll stay awake. I won’t let anything hurt you, Raist!’ I’d promise.

Then he would smile- almost- and, exhausted, his eyes would close. I kept my promise. I would stay awake while he slept. And it was funny. Maybe I did keep them away, because as long as I was awake and watching, the nightmares never came to him.” (191-192)

“‘Raistlin! You have on black robes! How wonderful! Can I touch them? Oh, all right. You needn’t glare at me like that. It’s just that they look so soft. Say, does this mean you’re truly bad now? Can you do something evil for me, so I can watch? I know! I saw a wizard summon a demon once. Could you do that? Just a small demon? You could send him right back. No?’ Tas sighed in disappointment.” (351)



Volume One: The Magic of Krynn

“The Legacy”

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

“‘Just this,’ Caramon returned. ‘Raistlin made a mistake- a terrible, tragic mistake. And he did what few of us can do- he had courage enough to admit it and try to do what he could to rectify it, even though it meant sacrificing himself.'”


“‘No, Caramon!’ Justarius’s fist clenched, his gray brows drew together. ‘Raistlin made a deliberate choice to turn his back upon the light and embrace the darkness. Fistandantilus gave him the power to pass the Test, and, in exchange, Raistlin gave Fistandantilus part of his life force in order to help the liche’s spirit survive. That is what shattered his body- not the Test. Raistlin said it himself, Caramon! ‘This is the sacrifice I made for my magic!’ How many times did you hear him say those words!'”


“By his failure, your brother [Raistlin] succeeded in what he set out to accomplish,’ Dalamar remarked, his smile twisting. ‘In a way, he has become a god…'”


“‘There is still much of your father in you. That is a weakness that can be overcome.'”


[Raistlin to Palin]

“‘No, nephew [Palin],’ said Raistlin softly. ‘Not weak. Just young. I will teach you to master your fear, or use its strength. To make it serve you, not the other way around.'”


“‘Home.’ The word lingered on Raistlin’s lips as though he were tasting it. ‘Home. How often I have dreamed of it’ -his golden-eyed gaze went to the wall, shining with its ghastly light- ‘especially with the coming of dawn…'”


“‘Know this, Palin!’ Raistlin whispered, speaking with great effort, his words barely audible. ‘I sacrificed myself for myself!'”


“‘Weep, Palin,’ Raistlin said softly. ‘Weep as I wept once, long, long ago. Then you will realize, as I did, that it does no good. No one hears you, sobbing in the night alone.'”


“‘Whatever happiness and joy was in my life, Palin, came from magic.

‘To the magic, I give you…’


[Raistlin to Palin after he has closed the portal]



Volume 6: The Companions

“‘This mage of yours better know what he’s talking about!’ Flint complained.

Raistlin fixed him with a stare. ‘If you have any doubts then turn back. Although I thought someone with your forest skills would find this outing a lark.'” (76)

The Raistlin Chronicles

Volume One: The Soulforge

“These blue eyes gave nothing, expected nothing. They held too much knowledge. They had seen too much in their six years-too much sorrow, too much pain. They had looked beneath the bed and discovered that there really were monsters lurking in the shadows.”(19)

((A description of Raistlin’s eyes at the age of six))

“‘I like the feeling of magic inside me. And’-he glanced at Otik, bustling at the counter; Raistlin’s thin lips parted in a pallid smile-‘and someday fat innkeepers will bow to me.'”(24)

((Raistlin’s explanation to Antimodes about why he wants to be a mage))

“Raistlin shrugged his thin shoulders. ‘They’re ignorant.'”(53)

((Raistlin talking about his classmates))

“Without the magic, there could be no future.”(78)

((Raistlin’s thoughts before taking the preliminary six-year test to continue studying magic.))

“I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment of my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment.”(84)

((Raistlin’s thoughts as he stares at the words I, Magus and prays he will pass the test))

“‘The magic is in the blood, it flows from the heart. Every time you use it, part of yourself goes with it. Only when you are prepared to give of yourself and receive nothing back will the magic work for you.'”(92)

((Master Theobald telling Raistlin why his spell did not work))

“So dark. Endless darkness, eternal. It was not the absence of light that was so frightening as the absence of thought, of knowledge, of comprehension. Our lives, the lives of the living will go on. The sun shines, the moons rise, we will laugh and talk, and he will know nothing, feel nothing. Nothing.

So final. It will come to us all. It will come to me.”(97)
((Raistlin thinking of his father’s death and fearing his own))

“The neighbors came, offering condolences and suggestions to aid in her recovery, some of which… Raistlin tried. Others, such as jabbing her repeatedly with a pin, he did not.”(101)

((When Raistlin’s mother is in her final trance))

You think you know my brother, Caramon said, talking silently to a line of faces. You, Master Theobald, and you, John Farnish, and you, Sturm Brightblade, and all the rest of you. You call him ‘Sly’ and ‘Sneak.’ You say he’s cold and calculating and unfeeling. You think you know him. I know him. Caramon’s eyes filled with tears. I know him. I’m the only one.(102)

((Caramon watching Raistlin take care of their sick mother))

“‘You are wise, Caramon. Did you know that?’

‘There is a difference between wisdom and intelligence, my brother.’ ‘A person may have one without the other.'(105)

((Raistlin to Caramon))

“This is not coexistence. It is blindness.”(186)

((Raistlin on the condition of pre-War of the Lance Krynn))

“Raistlin regarded Tanis with a new understanding and compassion. He is doomed, the young man reflected. In neither world can he ever be truly happy. Talk of the gods playing a cruel joke on someone!”(189)

((Raistlin on Tanis’s life))

“‘We should be grateful for small blessings, as the gnome said when he blew off his hand when it might have been his head.'”(232)

((Lemuel to Raistlin when Raistlin says that the “priests” of Belzor are at the fair grounds and won’t bother him))

“‘-and then Uncle Trapspringer said, ‘Are you sure that’s your walrus?’ And the barbarian said-Oh, hello, Raistlin! Look at me! I’m tied to a chair. Isn’t this exciting? I’ll bet Sturm would tie you up if you asked him politely. Would you, Sturm? Would you tie up Raistlin?'”(240)

((Tas, who else?))

“‘He’s good at magic,’ Caramon said, still not comprehending what this was all about. He might have added, in the same tone, that Raistlin was good at gardening or at cooking fried eggs, for that was how Caramon viewed it.”(257)

((After Kitiara mentions Raistlin casting a spell far above his level))

“‘There could be lots of reasons,’ said Caramon stoutly. ‘Maybe he’s being held prisoner in a dungeon by a mad wizard. Oh, sorry, Raist. I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.'”(277)

((Caramon giving Sturm a possible explanation for his missing father))

“Raistlin bowed. ‘I will be an accommodating guest, I assure you, Sturm. I will not set the bed linens on fire, nor will I poison the well.'”(278)

((Raistlin mocking Sturm when he tells Raistlin he won’t be welcome in Solamnia))

An aspiring magus, Raistlin Majere, is hereby summoned to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayrath to appear before the Conclave of Wizards on the seventh day of the seventh month at the seventh minute of the seventh hour. At this time, in this place, you will be tested by your superiors for inclusion into the ranks of those gifted by the gods, Solinari, Lunitari, Nuitari.“(280)

((The note Raistlin receives from the conclave))

“‘Nothing is the matter, my brother!’ Raistlin cried, laughing and drying his tears. ‘Nothing in the world is the matter! For once, everything is right.'”(282)

((Raistlin after finding out about the Test))

“‘Of coarse this means a lot to me, Caramon. It means everything! I have worked and studied almost my entire life for this chance. What would you have me do-cast it aside because it is dangerous? Life is dangerous, Caramon. Just stepping out that door is dangerous! You cannot hide me from danger. Death floats in the air, creeps through the window, comes in with the hand-shake of a stranger. If we stop living because we fear death then we have already died.'”

((Raistlin telling Caramon why he’ll risk his life for the Test))

“‘You break your promise!’ Fistandantilus snarled. ‘What honor is this?’

‘Am I a Solamnic knight, to concern myself with honor?’ Raistlin asked”(333)

((During the Test))

“‘I know what you’re saying, and, yes, there have been times when I would have been glad to see my brother engulfed in flames…'”(340)

((Antimodes after hearing about Raistlin’s Test))

“‘The metal withstood the fire,’ Par-Salain replied gravely, ‘and came out tempered and true, with a fine cutting edge.'”(341)

…I break the silence now because I want the facts known. If I am to be judged by those who come after me, let me be judged by the truth.

I dedicate this book to the one who gave me life.

Raistlin Majere”(348)

Volume Two: Brothers in Arms

Raistlin Chronicles Volume Two

Margaret Weis and Don Perrin

“‘Sturm’s gone north. Tanis is with the elves, Flint with the dwarves. And who knows where Tas is?’ ((Caramon))

‘Or cares,’ Raistlin added caustically.” (33-34)

“‘Maybe it’s wrong to think this, Raist,’ Caramon said after a very long silence. I mean Kit’s our sister and all. But… I don’t much care if I ever see her again.’

‘I doubt we ever will, Caramon,’ Raistlin replied. ‘There is no reason why our paths should cross.’

‘Yeah, I guess you’re right. Still, I get a funny feeling about her sometimes.’

‘A ‘tugging’ feeling?’ Raistlin asked.

‘No, more of a jabbing feeling.’ Caramon shivered. ‘Like she was poking at me with a knife.’

Raistlin snorted. ‘You are probably just hungry.'” (34)

Dragons of a Fallen Sun

Volume I: War of Souls

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

((After Tas suggests Raistlin abolish sleep)) “Raistlin had replied that the kender should be thankful someone had invented sleep for this meant that Tasslehoff was quiet and comatose for eight hours out of a day and this was the sole reason that Raistlin had not yet strangled him.” (187)

“‘I don’t think Raistlin liked kender much. He tried to murder me once, which gave me a sort of hint as to his true feelings.'” (195) ((Tas))

“‘Palin, you must not speak like that!’ Laurana said sternly. ‘So we thought in the dark days before the War of the Lance. I remember Raistlin saying something to the effect that hope was the carrot dangled before the nose of the cart horse to fool him into plodding forward. Yet we did plod forward and, in the end, we were rewarded.’

‘We were,’ said Tas. ‘I ate the carrot.'” (318)

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