Palin’s Quotes


Dragons of Summer Flame

“‘I made love to a beautiful woman and I didn’t know it. Just my luck,’ Raistlin said.”(363)

((Palin told Raistlin the story of him and the Irda woman))

“‘I have dreamed of it…for so long,’ Raistlin said softly. ‘We will go home, Nephew. I want to go home.'”(364)

((Raistlin to Palin after leaving the abyss))

“‘Did you hear what that man called me, Usha? ‘Little Thief’!’ Tas was spluttering with indignation. ‘How dare he? And he took my knife. Only it wasn’t my knife, it was your knife, I noticed, Palin. And now that thief is missing his knife, too. I’ve got it right here. Funny, he must have dropped it…'”(432)

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