Kitiara’s Quotes


Dragons of the Autumn Twilight

Dragons of the Winter Night

Dragons of the Spring Dawning

Dragons of the Summer Flame


Darkness and Light

“The germ of Sturm’s idea spread to the gnome, and he smiled widely. ‘A fine notion, my friend. Worthy of a gnome!’

Kitiara slapped him on the back. ‘There you are,’ she said. ‘A few days in the air and you start thinking like a gnome.'”(83)

“Dear S

I knew you’d come here and here I find you in a losing fight with a wizard. My new friends don’t choose to play fair but I decided to even the odds in memory of our past friendship. Next time you might not be so lucky!



The Companions

“‘How’d you ((Kitiara)) get captured so easily? I thought Caramon was the only stupid Majere.'” ((Evil Tas)) (251)

Other Books

The Soulforge

“‘You leave him out of this!’ she told him, her voice soft and lethal. ‘If you think I would demean myself by sleeping with a man to get information, you’re wrong, my friend.'”(166)

((Kitiara talking to a man about Tanis, this quote actually gives me more respect for her))

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