Flint’s Quotes


Volume 1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

“Flint sat back down on the stone and began to carve once more. He scowled up at Tanis. ‘Why the beard? You were ugly enough.'”(14)

((Flint and Tanis were just reunited))

“‘Elven wanderer, turn from your coarse and leave the dwarf behind. We are the spirits of those poor souls Flint Fireforge left on the barroom floor. Did we die in combat?’

‘No! We died of shame, cursed by the ghost of the grape for not being able to out drink a hill dwarf.’

‘Damn the eyes of elves!’ The spectral voice turned merry. ‘And damn the beards of dwarves!’

‘Wouldn’t you know it?’ Flint groaned. ‘Tasslehoff Burrfoot'”(17)

((Tas meeting Flint and Tanis))

Volume 2: Dragons of Winter Night

Volume 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning

Volume 4: Dragons of Summer Flame


Flint the King


Kindred Spirits

The Companions

“‘Tasslehoff is in charge,’ stated Flint. ‘He just lets you think you’re in charge, but wherever you decided to go, it’s him leading you there by the nose.'” (21)

“‘This mage of yours better know what he’s talking about!’ Flint complained.

Raistlin fixed him with a stare. ‘If you have any doubts then turn back. Although I thought someone with your forest skills would find this outing a lark.'” (76)

“Flint paused to glare at the half elf. ‘That doorknob of a kender would take so long telling about the time his Uncle Trapspringer was in a similar predicament that he’d totally forget what he was supposed to be doing.'” (114)

The Soulforge

“‘…it’s you we’re talking about stashing in the well.'” ((Flint))

“‘Are you? How wonderful!’ Tas said, his face lighting up. ‘I’ve never been at the bottom of a well before.'” (291)

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