Dhamon’s Quotes

Dragons of a New Age

The Dawning of a New Age

“‘Wonder who he is?’ Raph whispered. ‘Wonder what’s in his pack?'”(98)

“‘Do you think he’s going to leave that sword? It looks old. I bet it’s valua…er, sharp. And I bet it would be dangerous just to leave it here. Children could get hurt.’

‘If he’s going to leave it, I’m going to pick it up. Just to keep the children safe, of coarse.'” (99)

“‘Maybe you better rest,’ Blister suggested. ‘I think you have a fever.’

‘Here’s a spoon of wellness!’ Raph exclaimed as he reached into his pouch and pulled out a tarnished silver soupspoon.” (101)

“‘What’s your name?’ Raph huffed.


‘That’s it? Just Dhamon?’

‘Dhamon Grimwulf’

‘Hmm. Not a very cheery name. Why’d your folks call you that? Must have been in a bad mood, huh? Maybe it was raining. Or maybe a wolf killed all the cows on their farm.'” (104)

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