Crysania’s Quotes


Volume 4: Dragons of Summer Flame

“‘I wanted to tell her that sometimes, in my long sleep, I dreamt of her,’ he said softly.”(454)

((Raistlin telling Astinus why he wanted to talk to Crysania))


The Chaos War

Tears of the Night Sky

As he knew he would, he found Jenna waiting outside his chamber, still and patient in the light of a torch hung on the wall.

Dalamar said, “I thought you had returned to your shop, my dear.”

Jenna smiled coolly. “And here I am again to guide your guests back.”

“Well, your timing is impeccable, as ever. The Revered Daughter is ready to leave now.” (66)

She said, “I’m cold, Valin. Will you share your blanket?”

He smiled. She felt it against her mouth as he kissed her, his lips curving against hers. “I know another way to get warm,” he said.

She touched him, running her hand along his arm until she caught his big hand in hers. He shivered, not from cold.

“Show me,” She said, as the rain poured down and the wind prowled lonely outside the little cave.

Gently he took her in his arms. (309)

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