Dragons of Winter Night

Dragons of Winter Night

Chronicles Volume Two

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

“‘It was given to the dwarves once before,’ Tanis reminded him ((Sturm)) wearily, feeling sweat trickle down his forehead. Have Flint tell you the tale, if you’ve forgotten.'” (9)

“‘Don’t judge Raistlin, Laurana,’ Tanis said harshly, thrusting a torch into a bucket of water. The light vanished with a hiss. ‘Things aren’t always black and white, as you elves are inclined to believe. The mage has saved our lives more than once. I have come to rely upon his thinking- which, I admit, I find easier to rely on than blind faith!'” (19-20)

“‘You said, in that awful place, the Sla-Mori, that I was behaving like a little girl and I had better grow up. Well, I have grown, Tanis Half-Elven. In these past few bitter months, I have seen suffering and death. I have been afraid as I never knew fear existed! I have learned to fight, and I have dealt death to my enemies. All of that hurt inside me until I’m so numb I can’t feel the pain any more. But what hurts worse is to see you with clear eyes.’

‘I never claimed to be perfect, Laurana,’ Tanis said quietly.” (20)

“‘But you’ll show up on that mountain like a blood stain. Cover yourself with a white robe.’ The half-elf’s sardonic smile was an almost perfect imitation of Raistlin’s own. ‘Borrow one from Elistan.'” (30)

“‘Riverwind and I have discussed this already. We will return with Elistan,’ Goldmoon said. Her silver-gold hair gleamed in the sunlight streaming through the window. ‘The people need my healing skills.’

‘Besides which the bridal couple misses the privacy of their tent, Caramon said in an audible undertone. Goldmoon flushed a dusky rose color as her husband smiled.” (37)

“‘I know,’ Sturm said, smiling sadly. He glanced up at Raistlin, who was standing on the stairs. Besides, there is always the great worm, Catyrpelius, to protect it, isn’t there, mage?’

Raistlin started at this unexpected reminder of a time in the burned-out city of Solace when he’d tricked some hob goblins into believing Sturm’s sword was cursed. It was the closest to an expression of gratitude that the knight had ever made to the mage. Raistlin smiled briefly.” (40)

“‘Some of us are not destined to meet again in this world!'” (40-41) ((Raistlin talking, does this mean there will be Dragonlance books about some other world they meet in that I’ve got to read? I’ll never finish!))

((Tanis)) “‘The four of us will come with you and answer your questions. (‘Five,’ said Tasslehoff indignantly, but everyone ignored him.)'” (42)

“Raistlin leaned forward almost unconsciously, his hand stretched out, trembling, to touch the wondrous hair that seemed possessed of a life of its own, so vibrant and luxuriant was it. Then, seeing before his eyes his own dying flesh, he withdrew his hand quickly and sank back in his chair, a bitter smile on his lips. For what Laurana did not know, could not know, was that, in looking at her, Raistlin saw the only beauty he would ever see in his lifetime. Young, by elven standards, she was untouched by death or decay, even in the mage’s cursed vision.” (50)

“‘The half-elf comes to me for advise, not because I can see the future. I can’t. I am no seer. He comes because I am able to think, which is something most of these other fools seem incapable of doing.'” (50) ((Raistlin to Laurana))

“‘Caramon! It is time for my drink,’ he ((Raistlin)) said in the hissing whisper that pierced through the loudest talk. ‘Or have you forgotten me in the pleasure of other company?'” (51)

“‘Tanis listens to his feelings. He does not suppress them, as does the knight, or hide them, as does the Plainsman. Tanis realizes that sometimes a leader must think with his heart and not his head.’ Raistlin glanced at her ((Laurana)). ‘Remember that.'” (53) ((Raistlin explaining why everyone follows Tanis))

“Flint grunted, overhearing them. ‘First the kender gets us charged with inciting a riot, then he disappears. Now the knight gets us thrown into prison. Next time, remind me to stick with the mage. I know he’s crazed!'” (57)

“‘Not so fast!’ Flint growled, his feet planted firmly in the street, his hands breaking off the handle of a hauberk so that it suited his short structure. You’ll find time for explanations or I’m not going! How’d you know the knight’s name and how came you to be waiting for us-‘

‘Oh, just run him through!’ sang a shrill voice out of the shadows. ‘Leave the body to feed the crows. Not that they’ll bother; there’s few in this world who can stomach dwarf-‘

‘Satisfied?’ Tanis turned with Flint, who was red-faced with rage.

‘Someday,’ vowed the dwarf, ‘I’ll kill that kender.'” (61)

((Alhana)) “‘To do less would not have been honorable.’

Flint, who had been able to follow only bits and pieces of the conversation in elven, nudged Tanis. ‘She and the knight ((Sturm)) will get on perfectly.’ He snorted. ‘Unless their honor gets them killed first.'” (63)

“‘And you never mentioned this to us?’ Sturm glared at Tas.

‘Well, the subject just never came up,’ Tas said apologetically. Now if you had asked me directly- ‘Tasslehoff, do you have a pair of magical seeing glasses?’ -I would have told you the truth strait off. But you never did, Sturm Brightblade, so don’t look at me like that.'” (66)

“‘It’s eaten all of the draconians,’ whispered Caramon gruffly, ‘and now it’s after us!’

Tika turned deathly white, clutching at Caramon’s arm. Goldmoon gasped softly and even Riverwind appeared to lose some of his stoic composure, staring intently upward.

‘Caramon,’ Raistlin said, shivering, ‘shut up!'” (87)

“‘The dwarves have a saying.’ Sensing for a moment that the barriers between them had been lowered, Tanis put his arm around Alhana’s slender shoulders and drew her close. ”Trouble borrowed will be paid back with interest compounded on sorrow.’ Don’t worry. We’re with you.'” (99)

“The elven warrior yanked his weapon free from the big man’s shoulder. Caramon slumped to the ground, his life’s blood mingling with the tree’s blood. Raistlin, with a fury that surprised him, drew the silver dagger from the leather thong he had hidden on his arm and flung it at the elf.” (109)

“‘The future changes as we stand here, else we are the game pieces of the gods, not their heirs, as we have been promised.'” (125) ((Raistlin))

“‘Well! I had the most fantastic dream! Trees crying blood. Horrible dead elves going around and killing people! Raistlin wearing black robes! It was the most incredible thing! And you were there, Sturm. Laurana and Flint. And everyone died! Well, almost everyone. Raistlin didn’t. And there was a green dragon-‘

Tasslehoff stopped. What was wrong with his friends? Their faces were pale, their eyes wide.” (133-134)

“‘But I see now, the gods are wise. They came to humans because we elves would not accept them.'” (137) ((Alhana))

“‘Yes?’ Tanis said quietly. ‘Go on. Who does it seek?’

‘People with intelligence,’ Raistlin snarled. ‘Therefore I believe the members of this party are safe.'” (138)

“‘Things can never again be the same between us, can they?’ the half-elf asked quietly.

Raistlin looked at him for a moment, and Tanis saw a brief flicker of regret in the young mage’s eyes, a longing for trust and friendship and a return to the days of youth.

‘No,’ Raistlin whispered. ‘But such was the price I paid.’ He began to cough.

‘Price? To whom? For what?’

‘Do not question, Half-Elf.’ The mage’s thin shoulders bent with coughing. Caramon put his strong arm around his brother and Raistlin leaned weakly against his twin. When he recovered from the spasm, he lifted his golden eyes. ‘I can not tell you the answer, Tanis, because I do not know it myself.'” (140)

“‘If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear the pain of loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater.'” (142) ((Tanis talking to Alhana about elves loving humans))

“‘Ah, lad. I’m glad you’ve come in time to say farewell,’ said the dwarf weakly. ‘I’m dying, lad. I’m going to Reorx-‘

‘What?’ asked Tas, leaning closer.

‘Reorx,’ repeated the dwarf irritably. ‘I’m going to the arms of Reorx.’

‘No, we’re not,’ said Tas. ‘We’re going to Sancrist. Unless you mean an inn. I’ll ask Sturm. The Reorx Arms. Hmmm-‘

‘Reorx, the God of the Dwarves, you doorknob!’ Flint roared.” (147)

“‘You knights have lived encased in metal so long it’s shaken your brains to mush!’ The dwarf ((Flint)) snorted. ‘If you ever had any brains to begin with, which I doubt. I’ve seen that girl ((Laurana)) grow from a wee bit of a thing to the beautiful woman she is now. And I tell you there isn’t a more courageous, nobler person on Krynn. What’s got you is that she just saved your hide. And you can’t handle that!'” (166)

“‘All I know is I’ve been drowned twice, stricken with a deadly disease-‘

‘You were seasick.’

‘Stricken with a deadly disease,’ Flint repeated loudly, ‘and sunk. Mark my words, Sturm Brightblade- boats are bad luck to us. We’ve had nothing but trouble since we set foot in that blasted boat on Crystalmir Lake. That was where the crazed magician first saw the constellations had disappeared, and our luck’s gone downhill from there. As long as we keep relying on boats, it’s going to go from bad to worse.'” (171)

“‘Well, master thief, I see someone caught you at last.’

‘I’m not a thief!’ Tas said indignantly. ‘You know me better than that, Theros. That purse was planted on me-‘” (185)

“Too late the wild doe realized she was trapped. Not by the man’s arms- she could easily have broken free of his embrace. It was her own love for this man that had ensnared her. That his love for her was deep and tender sealed their fate. He was trapped as well.” (205) ((This talks about Silvara and Gilthanis))

“‘I’ve lived in the world nearly fifty years, young woman,’ he said gently. ‘Not long to you elves, I know. But we humans live those years- we don’t just let them drift by. And I’ll tell you this- that girl loves your brother as truly as I’ve ever seen women love man. And he loves her. Such love can not come to evil. For the sake of love alone, I’d follow them into a dragon’s den.'” (218) ((Theros Ironfeld talking to Laurana about Gilthanis and Silvara))

“‘Why- I bet that water’s so hot you could cook meat in it!’ Tasslehoff said. Lying flat on his stomach, he peered over the edge at the highest part of the arched bridge.

‘I’ll b-bet it c-could c-cook you,’ stuttered the terrified dwarf, crawling across on his hands and knees.

‘Look, Flint! Watch. I’ve got a piece of meat in my pack. I’ve got a piece of string and we’ll lower it in the water-‘” (225)

“‘Really?’ asked Tasslehoff breathlessly. ‘Would I really fall through to the other side, Theros? I wonder what it would be like? Would there be people there? Like us?’

‘Not like kenders hopefully!’ Flint grumbled. ‘Or they’d all be dead of idiocy by now.'” (229)

“He ((Tas)) lay still beneath it until he heard Silvara finish her chant. Even then, he waited a few moments to see if he was going to turn into a frog or go up in flames or something interesting like that. He didn’t- rather to his disappointment.” (231)

“‘You fainted-‘

‘I did no such thing!’ the dwarf roared.

‘You-you were out cold,’ Laurana stammered.

‘I never faint!’ stated the dwarf indignantly. ‘It must have been a reacurrence of that deadly disease I caught on board that boat-‘” (245)

“Raistlin’s thin hand reached out to touch the robe, the slender fingers stroking the shining, sequined fabric wistfully, regretting that this period in his life was over.

‘I have been happy,’ he murmured to himself. ‘Strange. There have not been many times in my life I could make that claim. Certainly not when I was young, nor in these past few years, after they tortured my body and cursed me with these eyes. But then I never expected happiness. How paltry it is compared to my magic! Still… still, these last few weeks have been weeks of peace. Weeks of happiness. I don’t suppose any will come again. Not after what I must do-‘” (274) ((Raistlin considering the time at the Pig and Whistle tavern before trying the Dragon Orb))

“‘I love you, Tika, as truly as any man loves any woman in this world. I want to make love to you. If we weren’t involved in this stupid war, I’d make you mine today. This minute. But I can’t. Because if I did, it would be a commitment to you that I would dedicate my life to keeping. You must come first in all my thoughts. You deserve no less than that. But I can’t make that commitment, Tika. My first commitment is to my brother.’ Tika’s tears flowed again- this time not for herself, but for him. ‘I must leave you free to find someone who can-‘

‘Caramon!’ A call split the afternoon’s sweet silence. ‘Caramon, come quickly!’ It was Tanis.

‘Raistlin!’ said the big man and, without another word, ran out of the cave.” (279-280)

“‘A kender?’ Gunthar repeated in some alarm.

‘I’m afraid so, my lord. Bud don’t worry,’ the retainer added hastily. ‘I’ve locked the silver in a drawer and your ladywife has taken her jewelry to the cellar.’

‘You’d think we were under siege!'” (282)

“‘Put that back!’ ordered a stern voice.

‘I won’t! It’s mine! Look, it was in my pouch.’

‘Bah! I saw you put it there not five minutes ago!’

‘Well, you’re wrong,’ protested the other voice in wounded tones. ‘It’s mine! See, there’s my name engraved-‘

‘To Gunthar, my beloved husband on the Day of Life-Gift,’ said the first voice.

There was a moment’s silence in the room. Wills turned pale. Then the shrill voice spoke, more subdued this time.

‘I guess it must have fallen into my pack, Fizban. That’s it! See, my pack was sitting under that table. Wasn’t that lucky? It would have broken if it had hit the floor-‘” (283) ((Tas and Fizban))

“‘Three mugs, here, my lord. And one on the mantle makes four. And there better be four when I come back!’

He walked out, shutting the door with a thud.

‘I’ll keep an eye on them,’ Tas promised solemnly. ‘Do you have a problem with people stealing mugs?’ he asked Gunthar. (285)

“Tasslehoff Burrfoot had been making plans in the back of his mind as to what he would do after this adventure had ended and all the dragons were slain (the kender tried to maintain a positive outlook). The first thing he had planned to do was to go and spend a few months with his friend, Sestun, the gully dwarf in Pax Tharkas. The gully dwarves led interesting lives, and Tas knew he could settle there quite happily- as long as he didn’t have to eat their cooking.

But the moment Tas entered Mt.Nevermind, he decided the first thing he would do was come back and live with the gnomes. The kender had never seen anything quite so wonderful in his entire life. He stopped dead in his tracks.” (292-293)

“‘We ((kenders)) know,’ he said in a small voice that dropped into the dreadful silence like a tiny drop of rain, ‘We should be fighting dragons. Not each other.'” (312) ((Tas after shattering the dragon orb everyone was fighting over))

“‘Anything easy is more trouble than it’s worth,’ was an old kender saying.” (352)

“‘Why insult the door’s purpose by locking it?’ is a favorite kender expression.” (353)

“‘According to the Measure, Sturm Brightblade,’ Deric began formally, ‘I hereby charge you with conspiracy and-‘

‘To the Abyss with the Measure!’ Sturm snarled, his patience snapping. ‘Where has the measure gotten us? Divided, jealous, crazed! Even our own people prefer to treat with the armies of our enemies! The measure has failed!'” (356)

“‘I’m staying. It’s what Tanis would do-‘

‘Damn it Laurana!’ Sturm said, his face flushed. ‘Live your own life. You can’t be Tanis. I can’t be Tanis. He isn’t here. We’ve got to face that!'” (360)

“‘Yes, he would,’ Laurana answered softly. He would understand. He told me once that there comes a time when you’ve got to risk your life for something that means more than life itself. Don’t you see, Sturm? If I fled to safety, leaving my friends behind, he would say he understood. But, deep inside, he wouldn’t. Because it is so far from what he would do himself. Besides’ -she smiled- ‘even if there were no Tanis in this world, I still could not leave my friends.'” (361)

“‘I’ve never been at a siege before,’ Sturm had heard Tas confide to Flint just seconds before the dwarf’s battle-axe swept off a goblin’s head.

‘You know we’re all going to die,’ Flint growled, wiping black blood from his axe blade.

‘That’s what you said when we faced the black dragon in Xak Tsorath,’ Tas replied. ‘Then you said the same thing in Thorbaden, and then there was the boat-‘

‘This time we’re going to die!’ Flint roared in rage. ‘If I have to kill you myself!'” (368)

“‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t care what they do to the dragon, but I can’t stand it, Laurana! Why must there be killing? I can’t stand it!’ Tears streaked his face.

‘I know,’ Laurana murmured, vivid memories of Sturm’s death mingling with shrieks of the dying dragon. ‘Don’t be ashamed, Tas. Be thankful you can feel pity and horror at the death of an enemy. The day we cease to care- even for our enemies- is the day we have lost the battle.'” (382-383)

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