Vinas Solamnus

Vinas Solamnus

Lost Legends Volume One

J. Robert King

“‘Most lost sons show up in brothels or vomitoriums somewhere,’ came a kindly voice. ‘You, on the other hand, always wind up in one infirmary or another.'” (25)

((Vinas’s father talking to him))

“It was the old man, the first person to whom Vinas brought provisions that blizzard night so long ago. Festas had been stealing the bread that had been taken as a tax from him. He had been bringing back food to his family’s mouths.” (133)

((Vinas looking at the man he just killed))

“‘No,’ replied Vinas sternly. ‘Only dreamers fight to the death. There are only a handful of such fools in the world. All others surrender and hope they will not be beaten too often by their new masters.'” (145)

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Last modified on October 18, 2009