Tales sextet

The Tales sextet

The Magic of Krynn

“The Test of the Twins”

Margaret Weis

This describes Raistlin’s Test, but there is a much better description in The Soulforge.

“The Legacy”

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

“‘Why have they brought me here? Can they read the secrets of my heart? Will they tell my father?’

And, finally, ‘How can I hurt him, who has suffered so much already?'”

[Palin at the Tower of High Sorcery wonders what will happen and whether Caramon will accept his desires]

“‘Just this,’ Caramon returned. ‘Raistlin made a mistake- a terrible, tragic mistake. And he did what few of us can do- he had courage enough to admit it and try to do what he could to rectify it, even though it meant sacrificing himself.'”


“‘No, Caramon!’ Justarius’s fist clenched, his gray brows drew together. ‘Raistlin made a deliberate choice to turn his back upon the light and embrace the darkness. Fistandantilus gave him the power to pass the Test, and, in exchange, Raistlin gave Fistandantilus part of his life force in order to help the liche’s spirit survive. That is what shattered his body- not the Test. Raistlin said it himself, Caramon! ‘This is the sacrifice I made for my magic!’ How many times did you hear him say those words!'”


“By his failure, your brother [Raistlin] succeeded in what he set out to accomplish,’ Dalamar remarked, his smile twisting. ‘In a way, he has become a god…'”


“‘And I’m a gully dwarf!’ growled Tanin.

‘Sometimes you think like one,’ Palin snapped, losing his patience and thrusting his brother’s arm away.”


“‘As Granpa Tas would say, ‘A chicken with its neck wrung is different from a chicken with its head cut off, but does it matter to the chicken?” Palin smiled.”


“‘Did you give Tanin a sword, then bid him break it?’ Palin demanded, breaking free of his father’s grip. ‘Did you give Sturm a shield and tell him to hide behind it? Oh, I know!’ Palin snapped, seeing Caramon, his face flushed, about to speak. ‘That is different. That is something you understand. You’ve never understood me, have you, Father?'”


“‘Or is it me that grows smaller?’ Palin whispered. ‘I am not even a mage. I don’t belong here,’ said his mind. But his heart answered, ‘You never really belonged anywhere else…'”


“‘There is still much of your father in you. That is a weakness that can be overcome.'”


[Raistlin to Palin]

“‘No, nephew [Palin],’ said Raistlin softly. ‘Not weak. Just young. I will teach you to master your fear, or use its strength. To make it serve you, not the other way around.'”


“‘Home.’ The word lingered on Raistlin’s lips as though he were tasting it. ‘Home. How often I have dreamed of it’ -his golden-eyed gaze went to the wall, shining with its ghastly light- ‘especially with the coming of dawn…'”


“‘Know this, Palin!’ Raistlin whispered, speaking with great effort, his words barely audible. ‘I sacrificed myself for myself!'”


“‘Weep, Palin,’ Raistlin said softly. ‘Weep as I wept once, long, long ago. Then you will realize, as I did, that it does no good. No one hears you, sobbing in the night alone.'”


“‘Whatever happiness and joy was in my life, Palin, came from magic.

‘To the magic, I give you…’


[Raistlin to Palin after he has closed the portal]

Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes

“Into the Heart of the Story”

Michael Williams

I truly despise this story, but I don’t like most Michael Williams stuff.


Nick O’Donohoe

Interesting story, but no quotes.

Love and War

The Reign of Istar

The Cataclysm

The War of the Lance

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