Soulforge quotes

The Soulforge

The Raistlin Chronicles, Volume One

Margaret Weis

“These blue eyes gave nothing, expected nothing. They held too much knowledge. They had seen too much in their six years-too much sorrow, too much pain. They had looked beneath the bed and discovered that there really were monsters lurking in the shadows.”(19)

((A description of Raistlin’s eyes at the age of six))

“‘I like the feeling of magic inside me. And’-he glanced at Otik, bustling at the counter; Raistlin’s thin lips parted in a pallid smile-‘and someday fat innkeepers will bow to me.'”(24)

((Raistlin’s explanation to Antimodes about why he wants to be a mage))

“Raistlin shrugged his thin shoulders. ‘They’re ignorant.'”(53)

((Raistlin talking about his classmates))

“Without the magic, there could be no future.”(78)

((Raistlin’s thoughts before taking the preliminary six-year test to continue studying magic.))

“I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment of my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment.”(84)

((Raistlin’s thoughts as he stares at the words I, Magus and prays he will pass the test))

“‘The magic is in the blood, it flows from the heart. Every time you use it, part of yourself goes with it. Only when you are prepared to give of yourself and receive nothing back will the magic work for you.'”(92)

((Master Theobald telling Raistlin why his spell did not work))

“So dark. Endless darkness, eternal. It was not the absence of light that was so frightening as the absence of thought, of knowledge, of comprehension. Our lives, the lives of the living will go on. The sun shines, the moons rise, we will laugh and talk, and he will know nothing, feel nothing. Nothing.

So final. It will come to us all. It will come to me.”(97)
((Raistlin thinking of his father’s death and fearing his own))

“The neighbors came, offering condolences and suggestions to aid in her recovery, some of which… Raistlin tried. Others, such as jabbing her repeatedly with a pin, he did not.”(101)

((When Raistlin’s mother is in her final trance))

You think you know my brother, Caramon said, talking silently to a line of faces. You, Master Theobald, and you, John Farnish, and you, Sturm Brightblade, and all the rest of you. You call him ‘Sly’ and ‘Sneak.’ You say he’s cold and calculating and unfeeling. You think you know him. I know him. Caramon’s eyes filled with tears. I know him. I’m the only one.(102)

((Caramon watching Raistlin take care of their sick mother))

“‘You are wise, Caramon. Did you know that?’

‘There is a difference between wisdom and intelligence, my brother.’ ‘A person may have one without the other.'(105)

((Raistlin to Caramon))

“‘Yes, that’s Solamnia. They have awfully fine jails there….'”(137)

((Tas showing Sturm and others a map))

“‘I’ll be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail,’ Tas promised. ‘But why two shakes? Why not three? And do lambs even have tails? I don’t see how-‘”(142)

((Tas, need I say more?))

“‘You leave him out of this!’ she told him, her voice soft and lethal. ‘If you think I would demean myself by sleeping with a man to get information, you’re wrong, my friend.'”(166)

((Kitiara talking to a man about Tanis, this quote actually gives me more respect for her))

“‘Could you fall off the face of Krynn?’ Tas asked eagerly. ‘How would you do it? My feet seem to be pretty firmly planted on the ground. I don’t think I could drop off. What if I stood on my head?”(174)

“Did you see me, Flint? Did you see me?’ Tasslehoff, his face bright red, skipped back to the table. ‘I stood on my head! And I didn’t fall off the face of Krynn. My head struck the floor just like my feet do. I guess you’d have to not have any part of you touching. Do you suppose if I jumped off the roof of the inn?…'”(175-6)

“This is not coexistence. It is blindness.”(186)

((Raistlin on the condition of pre-War of the Lance Krynn))

“Raistlin regarded Tanis with a new understanding and compassion. He is doomed, the young man reflected. In neither world can he ever be truly happy. Talk of the gods playing a cruel joke on someone!”(189)

((Raistlin on Tanis’s life))

“‘Uncle Trapspringer was my mother’s aunt’s third cousin on her Father’s side by marriage,’ said Eider Thistledown.

‘Isn’t this amazing!’ cried Tasslehoff. ‘Uncle Trapspringer was my father’s cousin’s uncle’s wife’s second cousin once removed.’

‘Brother!’ cried Eider.


“Tanis paid the fine levied on those who ‘knowingly and willingly associate with kender'”(224)

((After Tanis bails Tas out of jail))

“‘Count me in,’ said Tasslehoff, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. ‘What are we doing?'”(229)

“‘We should be grateful for small blessings, as the gnome said when he blew off his hand when it might have been his head.'”(232)

((Lemuel to Raistlin when Raistlin says that the “priests” of Belzor are at the fair grounds and won’t bother him))

“‘-and then Uncle Trapspringer said, ‘Are you sure that’s your walrus?’ And the barbarian said-Oh, hello, Raistlin! Look at me! I’m tied to a chair. Isn’t this exciting? I’ll bet Sturm would tie you up if you asked him politely. Would you, Sturm? Would you tie up Raistlin?'”(240)

((Tas, who else?))

“The kender would have run cheerfully into the mouth of a dragon and never turned a hair on his topknot, but anger among his friends always made him feel uncomfortable.”

“‘I don’t have the keys. I thought you had the keys.’

As it turned out, the kender had the keys. They poured out of their cells and were soon having a picnic in the middle of the jail.”(255)

“‘He’s good at magic,’ Caramon said, still not comprehending what this was all about. He might have added, in the same tone, that Raistlin was good at gardening or at cooking fried eggs, for that was how Caramon viewed it.”(257)

((After Kitiara mentions Raistlin casting a spell far above his level))

“‘There could be lots of reasons,’ said Caramon stoutly. ‘Maybe he’s being held prisoner in a dungeon by a mad wizard. Oh, sorry, Raist. I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.'”(277)

((Caramon giving Sturm a possible explanation for his missing father))

“Raistlin bowed. ‘I will be an accommodating guest, I assure you, Sturm. I will not set the bed linens on fire, nor will I poison the well.'”(278)

((Raistlin mocking Sturm when he tells Raistlin he won’t be welcome in Solamnia))

An aspiring magus, Raistlin Majere, is hereby summoned to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayrath to appear before the Conclave of Wizards on the seventh day of the seventh month at the seventh minute of the seventh hour. At this time, in this place, you will be tested by your superiors for inclusion into the ranks of those gifted by the gods, Solinari, Lunitari, Nuitari.“(280)

((The note Raistlin receives from the conclave))

“‘Nothing is the matter, my brother!’ Raistlin cried, laughing and drying his tears. ‘Nothing in the world is the matter! For once, everything is right.'”(282)

((Raistlin after finding out about the Test))

“‘Of coarse this means a lot to me, Caramon. It means everything! I have worked and studied almost my entire life for this chance. What would you have me do-cast it aside because it is dangerous? Life is dangerous, Caramon. Just stepping out that door is dangerous! You cannot hide me from danger. Death floats in the air, creeps through the window, comes in with the hand-shake of a stranger. If we stop living because we fear death then we have already died.'” (284)

((Raistlin telling Caramon why he’ll risk his life for the Test))

“‘…it’s you we’re talking about stashing in the well.'” ((Flint))

“‘Are you? How wonderful!’ Tas said, his face lighting up. ‘I’ve never been at the bottom of a well before.'” (291)

“Tas raised his small hand for silence. ‘You see, if I go with one of you, then that will make the others feel bad, and I wouldn’t want that to happen. And so I’ve decided to go off on my own. No! Don’t try to make me change my mind. I’m going back to Kendermore, and, no offence’-Tas looked quite severe-‘but the rest of you just wouldn’t fit in there.'”(291)

((Tas’s speech about who gets to take him))

“‘I’ll be back Tanis!’ Tas said hopping about in excitement. “I’ll be here in five years.’

‘You’ll likely be in some jail in five years,’ Flint muttered.”

((Tanis mentioned the plan to meet in the Inn of the Last Home again))

“‘You break your promise!’ Fistandantilus snarled. ‘What honor is this?’

‘Am I a Solamnic knight, to concern myself with honor?’ Raistlin asked”(333)

((During the Test))

“‘I know what you’re saying, and, yes, there have been times when I would have been glad to see my brother engulfed in flames…'”(340)

((Antimodes after hearing about Raistlin’s Test))

“‘The metal withstood the fire,’ Par-Salain replied gravely, ‘and came out tempered and true, with a fine cutting edge.'”(341)

…I break the silence now because I want the facts known. If I am to be judged by those who come after me, let me be judged by the truth.

I dedicate this book to the one who gave me life.

Raistlin Majere”(348)

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