Rebels and Tyrants

Rebels and Tyrants

Edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

“Est Sularas Oth Mithas”

Scott M. Buraczewski

I do not have any quotes for this four page story, but it is a truly wonderful story, written very creatively and I advise all of my page readers to read it themselves.

“Freedom’s Pride”

Paul B. Thompson

Good story, no quotes.

“Sargas’s Night of Revenge”

Don Perrin

Good story, no quotes.

“War Chest”

Kevin T. Stein

Strange story, no quotes.

“Flight of Fancy”

Jeff Crook

“‘Am I dead?’ Klaus asked.

‘Ofcoarseyouaresopleasedonotaskquestionsorthephilosephyguildwillhavetobecalled,’ whispered the second voice.

‘What? I don’t understand,’ Klaus complained.

‘NeitherdoIyouaresupposedtobedead,’ said the first, a bit cross now.” (126)

“The Deep, Deep, Dark, Dark Place”

Kevin James Kage

“Lurd called out. ‘Good Treasure! Good Monster! Thank you!’

A final rumble came from the deep.

Glug smiled, ‘Treasure good pet.'” (156)

“Catch of the Day”

Jean Rabe

Interesting story, but no quotes.

“Lost Causes”

Nancy Varian Barberick

“In my hand lay a portrait of Aline Caroel. Ay, Aline, long horsy face with a nose to match, her hair the color of mud puddles, her teeth too big. Lady Usha hadn’t sought to guild matters, she simply presented the girl as she was, but it seemed she paid the most attention to her eyes. They were, I only noticed then, green as springtime, bright and lovely as sunlight dancing on water. They caught me, those eyes so delicately pictured by the brushes of Lady Usha Majere. A thrill ran through me, bone and blood. So lively the eyes that I was drawn to look long, and looking I saw reflected back to me a spirit filled with generosity and deep strength, with such beauty that had nothing to do with fairness of face or loveliness of form. This beauty, more precious than jewels, had come with the soul and it would ever reside with the soul, no matter the vessel.” (199-200)

“Blood Ties”

John Grubber

“‘You were going to kill me, weren’t you? We ((the spawn as opposed to the humans)) do not kill each other. We do not betray our own kind.'” (228)

“Shard’s Memory”

Chris Pierson

Good story, no quotes.


Richard A. Knaak

A story with an interesting twist, but no quotes.

“Raid on the Academy of Sorcery”

Margaret Weis

“‘I have here a small sampling of saltpeter. Did you know,’ he added, mixing the strange concoction together, ‘that my uncle Raistlin used saltpeter to fool his enemies into thinking he was casting magic when he was really too exhausted to cast a spell? Watch this.’

He struck a spark from flint. The spark landed on the white, crystalline substance and it flashed brightly, so brightly that Lucy blinked. The flash vanished almost immediately.

‘Impressive,’ she said dryly. ‘He must have scared a lot of goblins in his time.'” (312-313)

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