Dragons of a Lost Star

Dragons of a Lost Star

War of Souls Volume 2

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

“He ((Tas)) gave an envious sigh. ‘I really do wish I’d been born a draconian sometimes.'” (23)

“”Hope is the carrot they hang in front of the horse’s nose to keep him plodding on,’ Laurana murmured.

‘What did you say, Mother?’ Gilthas asked. ‘You spoke so softly I could not here you.’

‘I was thinking of something someone ((Raistlin)) said to me long ago. At the time I thought the person was embittered and cynical. Now I think perhaps he was wise.'” (47)

“‘Is it because you’re afraid of wraiths liches that you haven’t tried to escape before this?’

‘No, Tas,’ said Palin quietly. ‘It was because I was afraid of myself.’

Tas considered this. I don’t think I can rear guard you against yourself, Palin.'” (207)

“Palin had been forced to use the pieces of the device to fend off the draconians, and now pieces of the device were scattered over most of the Hedge Maze, and how were they going to send the kender back to die?

Tasslehoff rose to present the novel idea that perhaps the kender should not be sent back to die” (227)

“It was then, after he ((Tas)) woke up a bit, that he realized that the reason he couldn’t see either Palin or Dalamar was that they were no longer in the room. Or, if they were, they were playing at hide and seek, and while that was a charming and amusing game, the two of them didn’t seem the type to go in for it.” (228)

“‘I have to consider this logically,’ Tas said to himself. It may be noted as a historical fact that this was the only time a kender ever said such a thing and this only goes to show how truly dire was the situation in which he found himself.” (230)

“‘Why, I could climb up with one leg tied behind my back,’ Tasslehoff exclaimed.

This not being something he did on a regular basis, he decided that it would be far more efficient to use two legs.” (230)

“Tasslehoff remembered suddenly that the last time he’d seen Gerard, the knight had been surrounded by Dark Knights firing arrows at him. Tas was rather down-hearted at the thought, but then it occurred to him that Solamnic Knights were plentiful and if one was dead, you could always find another.” (236)

“‘Obviously some sort of mix-up,’ Tasslehoff whispered. ‘Don’t worry, Conundrum. I’ll fix everything.’

Knowing that I’ll fix everything has been emblazoned in the annals of Krynnish history as the last word many associates of kender ever here, the gnome was not comforted.” (336)

“Medan frowned and handed the sword back hilt first to Laurana. ‘I thank you, Madam, but I would much prefer to take my chances with an ordinary sword made of oridinary steel. I have no use for a sword that suddenly starts to sing an elven ditty in the midst of battle or one that transforms both me and it into a matched pair of serpents. Such occurrences tend to distract me.'” (383)

“He heard the sound of a small kender body squirming about on a hard wooden plank- the bed opposite where Gerard lay. In order to torture him, they had locked him in the same cell as the kender and had put the gnome in the next cell over.” (400)

“Gerard had put up with it for a long time, mostly due to the fact that the kender’s stories had a numbing effect on him, rather like repeatedly hitting his head against a stone wall.” (401)

“Gerard’s flush deepened. Tas’s ‘good friend’ had been wondering, only moments earlier, how he might dispose of the kender’s body.” (404)

“At this juncture, Conundrum, who had finished scraping up the melted iron, began to discourse on such things as compasses and binnacles and lodestones and his great-great-uncle’s theory on why north could be found in the north and not in the south, a theory which had proved to be quite controversial and was still being argued to this day. (409-410)

“She assisted Conundrum to slide down off the dragon’s back. Her assistance was needed, for Razor rolled an eye, glared at the gnome balefully. Conundrum had spent the entire journey discoursing on the inefficiency of dragons for flight, the unreliability of scales and skin, bones and tendon. Steal and steam, said the gnome. Machines. That was the future. Razor flicked a wing, came very near knocking Conundrum off the cliff. The gnome, lost in a happy dream of hydraulics, never noticed.” (524)

“‘Dalamar,’ came Goldmoon’s voice. ‘Please let me in!’

‘I keep telling you,’ Tasslehoff argued, ‘Dalamar’s not- Oh, hullo, Dalamar.’ The kender tried very hard to sound astonished. ‘What are you doing here in this strange Tower?’ Tasslehoff winked several times and motioned with his head at Goldmoon.” (529)

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