The Legends Trilogy

The Legends Trilogy

Time of the Twins

“‘All the knowledge of the world is in these books,’ he said to himself wistfully. ‘And I’ve never found one thing to make the intrusion upon their author any easier.'” (7)

((Bertrum referring to Astinus))

“‘I do not meddle,’ Astinus replied, ‘as you well know. I am an observer, a recorder. In all things, I am neutral. I know your schemes, your plans as I know the schemes and plans of all who draw breath this day.” (19)

“‘You are very wise, Tanis Half-Elven. But this time you are wrong,’ she ((Tika)) said to herself as she stood alone on her porch. ‘Lady Crysania isn’t mad. She’s in love.'” (55)

“‘I think you better wait out here,’ Tas said to the bundle of clothes.

The bundle grunted and plopped itself comfortably down into the muddy road outside the house.” (61)

“‘Say, this looks like fun! Can I play? Give me something to throw at him, too, Tika.” (62)

((Tas when he walks in on Tika throwing armor at the drunken Caramon))

“‘I’m in fine shape,’ the big man mumbled angrily. ‘It’s the armor. It’s shrunk or something.’

‘I didn’t know this kind of metal shrinks,’ Tas said with interest. ‘I’ll bet it has to be heated! How did you do that? Or did it just get real, real hot around here?'” (65)

((Caramon on why his armor no longer fits around his overweight waist))

“‘All you’ve done, all these years, is whine! The noble Caramon, sacraficing everything for his ungreatful brother. Loving Caramon, always putting Raistlin first! Well- maybe you did and maybe you didn’t. I’m starting to think you always put Caramon first! And maybe Raistlin knew, deep inside, what I’m just beginning to figure out! You only did it because it made you feel good! Raistlin didn’t need you- you needed him! You’ve lived his life because you’re too scared to live a life of your own!'” (92)

((Tas yelling at Caramon))

“‘My sister, Kitiara, for example, found you quite attractive. She would enjoy having you about. Particularly if you have any magic arts you practice in the bedroom-‘” (120)

((Raistlin to Dalamar))

“‘But, Shalafi, there is not much left if you turn down the world.’ Dalamar faltered, not understanding. Unless you have seen worlds beyond this one that are hidden from my eyes…’

‘Worlds beyond?’ Raistlin pondered. ‘Interesting thought. Perhaps someday I should consider that possibility.'” (120-121)

“‘There is only my apprentice, Revered Daughter,’ he said. ‘Dalamar is flesh and blood, he walks among the living -at least for the moment.’

Crysania did not understand that last remark, nor did she pay it much attention, hearing the underlying laughter in Raistlin’s voice.” (138)

“Who questions the gods? They demanded a sword. I found one. And- like all swords- it was two-edged.” (150)

((Par-Salian referring to Raistlin))

“‘Perhaps I’m going to be magicked!’ he said to himself hopefully.” (151)

((Tas at the Tower of High Socery, Wayrath))

“‘Anyhow, I saw the letter was important, so I took it to her. She was very grateful to get it back,’ Tas said solemnly. ‘She ((Crysania)) hadn’t realized she’d lost it.'” (166)

“‘…Tika said we had to go after Lady Crysania, because the Forest of Wayrath was a terrible place and- No offence meant, I’m certain, but did you ever stop to think that your forest is really nasty? I mean, it is not friendly’ -Tas glared at the mages sternly- ‘and I don’t know why you let it wander around loose! I think it’s irresponsible!'” (167)

((Tas talking to the mages at the Tower of High Sorcery, Wayrath))

“‘No, Raistlin would never laugh at you, little one. He knew, he remembered. There were too many who had laughed at him.'” (170)

((Par-Salian to Bupu))

“‘We’ve all been laughed at one time in our lives. We’ve all been jealous of a sibling. We have felt pain and suffered, just as he has suffered. And we’ve all longed- just once- fore the power to crush our enemies! We pity him. We hate him. We fear him- all because there is a little of him in each of us, though we admit it to ourselves only in the darkest part of the night.'” (180-181)

((Justarius to Par-Salian talking about Raistlin))

“…Caramon gave the door to the room a haunted look- ‘which I doubt, you’d probably walk into the arms of a lich or worse!’

Tas’s eyes opened wide. He managed, however, to squelch an exclamation of delight.” (183)

((Tas and Caramon in Wayrath))

“‘Skroth,’ the red-robed mage repeated, mystified. ‘Skroth,’ he muttered. Then he snapped his fingers. ‘I remember. The kender said it in the conclave. Xak Tsaroth?’

‘Me say that once already. You sure you not want lizard cure for ears? You put tail-‘ (186)

((Justarius and Bupu))

“Closing his eyes tightly so he wouldn’t see anything Horrible he might accidently conjure up, Tas thrust the ring over his thumb. (At the last moment he opened his eyes, so that he wouldn’t miss seeing anything Horrible he might conjure up.)” (188)

“Tears streaked down past Tas’s quivering nose, sliding down his whiskers. ‘Caramon’s going on the greatest adventure of all time!’ the kender thought bleakly. ‘And he’s leaving me behind!'” (199)

“They hadn’t taken more than three steps before they were all immediately tangled up by Tasslehoff, who had mistakenly started off in the wrong direction.” (234)

War of the Twins

“Raistlin’s eyes opened. They were nearly as dark as the room in which he lay. Moving his hand, the hand she ((Crysania)) held, he traced a line from her eyes down her cheek. Then the hand went limp, his head lolled to one side.” (25)

“His gaze met hers as they stood there; for a moment, the mirrorlike surface of his eyes cracked and she saw warmth and passion. His arm around her tightened reflexively, drawing her closer without seeming to mean to do so.

Crysania flushed, wanting desperately to both run away and stay forever in that warm embrace. Quickly, she lowered her gaze, but it was too late. She felt Raistlin stiffen. Angrily, he withdrew his arm.” (50)

“‘Your history is limited to bedtime tales, my brother!’ Raistlin said impatiently.” (56)

“‘Were I as other men, she would be mine,’ he said softly.

His hand lingered near her face, her dark, crisp hair curling around his fingers.

‘But I am not as other men,’ Raistlin murmured.

Raistlin’s hand brushed against the smooth skin of her face, recalling vivid memories. He began to tremble. He had but to reverse the sleep spell, take her in his arms, hold her as he held her when he cast the magic spell that brought them to this place. They would have an hour alone together before Caramon returned…

‘I am not as other men!’ Raistlin snarled.” (61-62)

((Well, sucks for Crysania that he’s “not as other men”))

“‘He is so caught up in his greater vision that he doesn’t know when he hurts others.’

Turning away, she ((Crysania)) walked back to where Raistlin lay, staring unseeing into the fire.

‘Oh, he knows all right,’ Caramon muttered to himself. ‘I’m just beginning to realize- he’s known all along!'” (72)

“Still nothing happened. Tas found his interest in being dead beginning to wane.” (77)

“‘But then, Fizban had odd taste, and so, come to think of it, did Flint.'” (82)

((Tas complaining about the Abyss))

“‘If Flint thinks I’m going to spend my Afterlife sitting under a dead tree with him, he’s got another think coming.'” (82)

((Tas -I’m not sure if that second think is a typo that was supposed to be thing))

“If every kender on Krynn had been asked to name Places I’d Most Like To Visit, the plane of existance where the Queen of Darkness dwelled would have come in at least third on many lists.” (84)

“Sweating, clutching his pouches nervously, Tasslehoff Burrfoot made history that day -at least as far as kender storytelling was concerned. He told his entire story of his trip to Istar in under five seconds. And every word of it was true.” (87)

Kender are not allowed here ((the Abyss)), continued the voice.

‘That doesn’t surprise me,’ Tas said sadly, feeling much more himself since he wasn’t dead. ‘There are quite a number of places on Krynn kender aren’t allowed.'” (88)

((Tas talking to the Dark Queen))

Test of the Twins

“‘I did everything you told me to,’ Caramon replied, his voice ominously calm. ‘You said Gnimsh said all we had to do was think of where we wanted to go and there we’d be. I know I was thinking of Solace-‘

‘I was too!’ Tas cried. Then, seeing Caramon glare at him, the kender faltered. ‘At least I was thinking of it most of the time…’

Most of the time?’ Caramon asked in a dreadfully calm voice.

‘Well’ -Tas gulped- ‘I-I did th-think once, just for an instant, mind you, about how-er-how much fun and interesting and, well, unique, it would be to-uh-visit a-uuh… um…’

‘Um what?’ Caramon demanded.

‘A… mmmmmm.’

‘A what?’

‘Mmmmm,’ Tas mumbled.

Caramon sucked in his breath.

‘A moon!’ Tas said quickly.” (16-17)

“‘My! That certainly was an interesting experience. Though nothing I’d care to repeat right away,’ he added hastily, fearful that the sky, which was growing darker by the minute, might decide to treat him to that interesting experience all over again.” (18)

((Tas after he got hit with magical lightning from Raistlin and Takhisis’s fight))

“‘Even if it is a moon like Uncle Trapspringer must have visited before the goblins ate him, it isn’t much fun. The moon, I mean, not being eaten by goblins which I suppose wouldn’t be much fun either, come to think of it.'” (20)

((Tas to Caramon))

“‘We-we can go back to Tarsis! Where the dragons toppled a building down on top of me! That was a fun time, very interesting. Remember?'” (24)

((More Tas to Caramon))

“‘I don’t know, Tas,’ Caramon said quietly. ‘But I’m going to find out. What’s the matter? Aren’t you curious? Since when did a kender ever turn down a chance for adventure?’ He began to limp down the trail again.

‘I’m just as curious as the next kender,’ Tas mumbled, hanging his head and trudging after Caramon. ‘But it’s one thing to be curious about someplace you’ve never been before, and quite another to be curious about home. You’re not supposed to be curious about home! Home isn’t supposed to change. It just stays there, waiting for you to come back. Home is someplace you say ‘My, this looks just like it did when I left!’ not ‘My, this looks like six million dragons flew in and wrecked the joint!’ Home is not a place for adventures, Caramon!'” (25)

“This isn’t a Caramon who will give in easily, Tas thought with a sinking heart. This isn’t a Caramon who needs a kender to keep him out of mischief and taverns. Tas sighed bleakly. He rather missed that old Caramon.” (25)

“‘What’s going on, Caramon?’ Tas asked in a quivering voice. ‘If that’s you and you’re dead, how can you be here at the same time?’ A sudden thought occured to him. ‘Oh, no! What if you’re not here!’ He cluched at his topknot, twisting it round and round. ‘If you’re not here, then I’ve made you up. My!’ Tas gulped. ‘I never knew I had such a vivid imagination.'” (33-34)

“‘…even watching trees get blasted right out of the ground loses something after about the fifteenth time you’ve seen it.'” (35)

((Tas to Caramon))

“‘You see, Tas, I’ve come to know Raistlin,’ Caramon continued, ignoring the kender’s woebegone expression. ‘Too late, maybe, but I know him now. He hated that Tower, just as he hated those mages for what they did to him there. But even as he hates it, he loves it all the same- because it is part of his Art, Tas. And his Art, his magic, means more to him than life itself. No, the Tower will be there.'” (48)

“‘Oh, Caramon!’ Tas wailed, clutching at him. ‘Don’t take me back to Par-Salian! He’ll do something awful to me! I know it! He might turn me into a-a bat!’ Tas paused. ‘And, while I suppose it might be interesting being a bat, I’m not certain I could get used to sleeping upsidedown, hanging by my feet. And I am rather fond of being a kender, now that I think of it, and-‘” (48)

“‘Ready,’ answered Tas stoutly. ”Always save the best for last,’ my father used to say. Although’ -the kender paused- ‘I think he meant that in reference to dinner, not to dying. But perhaps it has the same significance.'” (55)

((to Caramon))

“‘I am truly thankful you thought of telling Par-Salian who you are, Caramon,’ Tas said, panting for breath. ‘I was just imagining trying to explain to Flint how I’d been murdered by a tree.'” (59)

“Next to him sat Astinus- Historian of the World, Chronicler, writing this last chapter of Krynn’s brief, shining history. Palanthas the Beautiful, where Astinus had lived and where the Great Library had stood, was now nothing but a heap of ash and charred bodies. Astinus had come to this, the last place standing upon Krynn, to witness and record the world’s final, terrifying hours. When all was finished, he would take the closed book and lay it upon the alter of Gilean, God of Neutrality. And that would be the end.” (71-72)

“‘True, you will rule unchallenged. You will rule a dead world. You will rule alone. And you will be alone, alone in the formless, eternal void,’ Astinus replied ((to Raistlin)) coolly…” (72)

“‘There are clerics among all the races now. Yes, even kender.’ Elistan, smiling, ran a hand through his white hair. ‘Ah,’ he sighed, ‘what a trying time that was for our faith, Tanis! We are still unable to determine exactly what all is missing.'” (100)

“The historian stood in the doorway. His ageless face bore no expression as his grey-eyed gaze swept the room, taking in everything, everyone with a minute attention to the detail that his pen would soon record. It went from the flushed and angry face of Tanis, to the proud, defiant face of the elf ((Dalamar)), to the weary, patient face of the dying cleric ((Elistan)).

‘Let me guess,’ Astinus remarked, imperturbably entering and taking a seat… ‘Let me guess. You were discussing Raistlin Majere.'” (102)

“‘I think I will have the commander to dinner tonight after all. Send for him.’ Soth bowed his acquiescence, the orange eyes flaming with amusement. ‘We have many military matters to discuss.’ Kitiara laughed again, starting to unbuckle the straps of her armor. ‘Matters of ungaurded flanks, breaching walls, thrust, and penetration….'” (132-133)

“Now, as well as preparing for this minor flare-up of undoubtably frustrated enemy forces, he had also to deal with black-robed wizards’ apprentices, white-robed clerics, nervous heroes, and a librarian! Gunther sighed and tugged at his mustaches gloomily. All he needed now was a kender….” (133)

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