Land of the Minotaurs

Land of the Minotaurs

The Lost Histories, Volume Four

Richard A. Knaak

“‘No. You can’t go, Delbin. It’s for your own good. You don’t know what the empire, much less Nethosak, is like. They would have you executed simply for being yourself.’

Delbin Knotwillow looked down at himself. ‘What’s wrong with me? So I’m a little big for a kender!'”(30)

“‘Kaz thrust a finger at the kender. ‘In Nethosak, or any other place in the homelands, being curious like that will get you killed, Delbin…and me along with you, by the way! I want you to promise to return to your people by first light!’

‘I…I don’t want to. They all think I’m so serious!'”(34)

“‘You said it was a dragon-man! That sounds like a neat monster. I wish I’d seen it. You said it was taller than you and all scaly! It was made by the mage who captured the dragon and her eggs-‘ The kender shut his mouth when he realized Kaz was glaring at him again. ‘Sorry…'” (43)

“‘Looks like a patrol, Delbin. You know what we discussed. Stay quiet and act frightened and obedient. Pretend you’ve been walking for a while.’

‘Okay, Kaz.’ neither the kender’s giggle nor his smile bolstered Kaz’s confidence.” (66)

“‘What is that place?’ asked the kender. He had taken to staring wide-eyed at everything, even though Kaz himself could see nothing remarkable about the area. Of coarse, a kender tended to find almost anything he saw new and noteworthy, even if he had seen it only a couple dozen times before.” (70)

“Delbin giggled again, then shook his head and whispered to himself, ‘You should be quiet, Delbin, because if you don’t, those soldiers might hear you and then they’ll catch you before you can kill a few…'” (106)

“He ((Delbin)) ate a piece of fruit that had accidentally fallen into his pouch, and wondered where all the food had come from. Fortune had smiled on him.” (125)

“Kender like to talk, and so, with no one else to talk to, he went over matters with himself, the most loyal audience any kender had.” (125)

“‘Don’t you worry, Kaz,’ he whispered in the dark, eyes shining in anticipation. ‘I’m coming to save you!'” (126)

“Kaz wondered where the kender was. The brave little creature had a tendency to forget that he could be captured or killed…” (160)

“Why did a minotaur cleric desire his ((Delbin’s)) presence? Maybe he had never seen a kender before and was just curious.” (197)

“‘A kender. Can you believe it? A minotaur who travels with a kender. This Kaziganthi has fallen low.'” (209)

“The draconian visage twisted toward him. ‘Insufferable creature! Audacious gnat! You dare strike me! You dare think you can destroy me!’

‘You like to hear yourself talk, don’t you?’ Kaz challenged, trying to throw the dragon off. ‘You do a lot of talking, Infernus.'” (276)

“The silver form again blocked the red one’s path. ‘I said leave them alone!’ demanded Tyberia. ‘Kaz is my friend! You can’t hurt him!’

‘As stubborn as a red you are, hatchling, but more repetitious, it seems.'” (285)

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