The Companions

The Companions

The Meetings Sextet Volume Six

Tina Daniell

“A storm was brewing! Tas had never been at sea during a storm. He felt certain it would be fascinating and enjoyable.” (8)

“Tas shouted into the wind and rain that lashed his face. ‘Quite a squall we’re having. I bet it’s going to give the ship a bit of trouble. I’ll stay by your side and help you out. I’ve been on many ships in such circumstances ((See previous quote)) …well, not too many, actually. Seven or nine not counting this one.'” (13)

“‘Tasslehoff is in charge,’ stated Flint. ‘He just lets you think you’re in charge, but wherever you decided to go, it’s him leading you there by the nose.'” (21)

“‘Kender are unclean. They roam the earth, living by stealth and dishonor. To touch one, it is said, is to invite scorn, or worse, disease. I don’t think it is necessary to search this one.’ ((Dogz, a minotaur))

‘Unclean! Why, you big horny cow! I’ll have you know that I bathe regularly. I washed my face just yesterday, to be exact-that is, assuming this is the day after yesterday, which I don’t know for sure because I have no idea where I am or how long it took me to get here. But if you want to bring up personal hygiene, I suggest you take your two moon-sized nostrils, bend over, and take a whiff of yourself!’ ((Tas))

‘It is true that kender are dishonorable…’ ((Sarkis, lead minotaur))

‘You ugly, wart-faced, pig-snouted, dun-colored createn! I’m as honorable as they come-well, maybe not as honorable as Sturm, or even Caramon, who is honorable in his own humble way-but twice, ten times, one hundred thousand times as honorable as the likes of you! And let me warn you I could give you any disease I wanted if I only cared enough to bother.'” (60-62)

“They trooped down to gawk at him, and in a couple of instances to throw fruit cores and dirt clods at him.

Tas threw the fruit cores and dirt clods right back…” (65)

“‘This mage of yours better know what he’s talking about!’ Flint complained.

Raistlin fixed him with a stare. ‘If you have any doubts then turn back. Although I thought someone with your forest skills would find this outing a lark.'” (76)

“Flint paused to glare at the half elf. ‘That doorknob of a kender would take so long telling about the time his Uncle Trapspringer was in a similar predicament that he’d totally forget what he was supposed to be doing.'” (114)

“‘Oh I don’t know about that,’ disagreed Caramon with a broad grin. ‘If they let Tas improvise with his hoopak, he’d stand a fighting chance.'” (141)

“‘But you’re right, Fesz. Raistlin is a real threat. I think you and I better figure out how to trap him and choke him and stab him and then do something really evil to his dead body, like-I don’t know, you’ve got more experience in this sort of thing. What do you suggest?'” (173)

((Evil Tas))

“‘But if I do ever get back to Solace, I think it would be a fine idea to have a slave pit just like this one in the middle of town. Teach ’em all a lesson. Of coarse, Solace is up in the treetops, and speaking technically, I’m not sure you can build a pit up in the trees, so that is a minor problem I’ll have to work out. But I sure do love these slave pits!'”(177)

((Evil Tas))

“One of the minotaur guards got too close and Tasslehoff raised his elbow, accidentally knocking him over the railing of the walkway and down some fifty feet to the bottom of the pit. The slaves scurried out of his way as he hurtled downward, landing with a sickening crunch.

‘Oops! Pardon me,’ said Tas, looking up at Fesz sheepishly. ‘I was just wondering what a minotaur would sound like, landing on his head after falling a long way down.'” (177)

((Evil Tas))

“‘…I would have said, ‘Kill him and be done with it.’ Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today-especially when it comes to killing, I always say. Of coarse, I wasn’t really evil all the time, so maybe I wouldn’t have said, ‘Kill him and be done with it’ exactly…'” (210)

((Evil Tas))

“‘He ((Sturm)) thinks he’s a Solamnic Knight, but he’s not really-just another sad case of misguided ambition, if you ask me.'” ((Evil Tas)) (210)

“‘How’d you ((Kitiara)) get captured so easily? I thought Caramon was the only stupid Majere.'” (251)

((Evil Tas))

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