Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

Raistlin Chronicles Volume Two

Margaret Weis and Don Perrin

“‘Sturm’s gone north. Tanis is with the elves, Flint with the dwarves. And who knows where Tas is?’ ((Caramon))

‘Or cares,’ Raistlin added caustically.” (33-34)

“‘Maybe it’s wrong to think this, Raist,’ Caramon said after a very long silence. I mean Kit’s our sister and all. But… I don’t much care if I ever see her again.’

‘I doubt we ever will, Caramon,’ Raistlin replied. ‘There is no reason why our paths should cross.’

‘Yeah, I guess you’re right. Still, I get a funny feeling about her sometimes.’

‘A ‘tugging’ feeling?’ Raistlin asked.

‘No, more of a jabbing feeling.’ Caramon shivered. ‘Like she was poking at me with a knife.’

Raistlin snorted. ‘You are probably just hungry.'” (34)

“Here all those entering Sanction were questioned, and those who gave the right answers were free to go. For those who did not have the right answers, there were prison cells, with a torture chamber located conveniently nearby, ‘just a hop, skip, and a jump’ (a kender’s last words) from the morgue.” (48)

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