Xak Tsaroth

Xak Tsaroth

The stone outside the entrance reads, “The Great City of Xak Tsaroth, whose beauty surrounds you, speaks to the good of its people and their generous deeds. The gods reward us in the grace of our home.” (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, 168)

During the Cataclysm the ground opened up and Xak Tsaroth fell in. Many of the buildings stayed intact underground, and there is a middle level, where some of the buildings fell, and a lower level at the very bottom of the cavern. The gully dwarves live in what used to be (and still is) the worst part of the old city on the ground floor. There is an elevator made out of two giant kettles that goes from the top to the bottom, there are also old sewage pipes that lead to the middle level, and vines that lead down from there. The way to the sewage pipes is behind a door that must be “magically” opened (it has a hidden lock) by a rat that Bupu swings. There are many rivers along the ground floor, and a waterfall with vines between the levels. The city has crumpled buildings and old cobbles.

The only building intact on the upper ground level, where the city originally was built, is the Temple of Mishakal. Within the temple is a stairway called “The Paths of the Dead”, which leads down to an old tomb. By traveling through this tomb, the Companions reach the lift.

Approximate location: Xak Tsaroth is a ruined city in Abanasinia, east of the plains, surrounded by swamp land, and right next to Newsea.

Key figures: Riverwind, the Companions, gully dwarves (including Bupu), draconians, and a dragon named Khisanth

What happened there: This is where Riverwind found THE blue crystal staff in a temple to Mikshakel (and saw “death on black wings” -the dragon, Khisanth), and where the companions came later and Raistlin got the spell book of Fistandantilus from the dragon, Goldmoon got the disks from Mishakal, Mikshakel talked to Goldmoon, the companions learned a bit more about draconians, and where a bunch of Gully Dwarves (Bupu included) live. While in the underground part of the city, Goldmoon kills the dragon by hitting it with her staff. She goes to the Goddess Mishakal and becomes a cleric, while the whole city, except for the Temple of Mishakal collapses and becomes filled with the waters of Newsea.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009