Approximate location: Thorbaden is a city inside a mountain. It is among other mountains, south of Qualinesti, and west of the Plains of Dust.

Key figures: The mountain dwarves

Description: Thorbaden is a city made up of many caves, some natural, and some tunneled, within a mountain. There are many levels of caves and many different sections, where different clans live. The Life-Tree, a giant stalactite city, was at the center of Thorbaden. Post Chaos War: During the Chaos War, many of Chaos’s minions destroyed many of the lower levels of Thorbaden. The Life-Tree cracked, and many of the lower levels were completely destroyed.

What happened there: It was the original dwarf home, and when the hill dwarves separated, it became the mountain dwarf home. It was a center for dwarf trading and its entrance was the sight of the Dwarfgate wars.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009