Solace, the big tree mini city

Solace is a land built among the tree tops, to escape ground bound Cataclysm problems. It is described in Dragons of Autumn Twilight as “one of the few truly beautiful wonders left on Krynn.” (8) It is a town where every house is built around its own Vallenwood tree, with sturdy wooden bridges connecting them. The largest tree supports The Inn of the Last Home and the blacksmith’s shop is the only building on the ground before the War of the Lance. At the beginning of the War of the Lance there are approximately 500 residents living in Solace.

Approximate location: Solace is a town in Abanasinia. It is south east of Crystalmir lake, west of the plains, north of Gateway and Qualinost, and northeast of Haven and Darkenwood. Solace is in a valley in the mountains. Solace is on a popular trade route.

Key figures: The companions, Caramon’s children

What happened there: The Inn of the Last Home is in Solace, and all the companions grew up there. Caramon’s children were also raised there.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009