Silvanesti and Silvanost

Home of the Silvanesti, it is a place of idyllic beauty, and contains the Tower of the Stars.

Approximate location: Silvanost is the capital of Silvanesti. Silvanesti is on the southeast corner of Ansalon, south of Balifor, far east of Qualinesti and the plains, northeast of Icewall, and on a peninsula surrounded by ocean, except on the western side.

Key figures: The Silvanesti

Description: Silvanesti is full of forests reshaped into gardens of incredible beauty. The Silvanesti elves carved the homes from marble rock into strange and wonderful shapes. It is so beautiful that dwarves traveled miles and miles to see it (before the Silvanesti stopped everyone from entering), and it was said that a human who entered would not be able to leave, but would forever wander the land forever trapped by the beauty.

What happened there: It is the principal city, so a lot happens there. It was attacked by the Dargonesti, when their queen attempted to take it over.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009