Qualinesti and Qualinost

Approximate location: Qualinost is the capital city (and only mentioned city) of Qualinesti.

Key figures: The Qualinesti elves

Description: Qualinesti is full of forests, and Qualinost is a city that blends into nature. The buildings are rose quartz, and aspens (whose trunks are gilded in silver and gold) line avenues of crushed rose quartz. From each of the city’s corners rises a spire of silver and white stone, marbled together. Between each of these spires is a giant arch, delicate looking, but sturdy. In the center of Qualinost is the Tower of the Sun, a golden tower. The main chamber of the tower is built of white marble, without support beams or columns. The ceiling was hundreds of feet up, with a dome at the top with a mosaic of the heavens. One half of the tiled mosaic is daylight and sunshine, the other night, with the constellations and the white and red moons, after the War of the Lance, the black moon appears there, as the Qualinesti elves allow their prejudice to blind them and make them despise other races and undo all the work to bind them together that was done during and immediately after the War of the Lance. Another important site, where meetings are held, is the Hall of the Sky, a huge square, lit by torches, with the sky for it’s roof.

What happened there: This is the place to be if you’re a Qualinesti elf; it’s the principle city that contains the Tower of the Sun. It was abandoned by the Qualinesti elves at the beginning of the War of the Lance.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009